Kate Moross, a globally acclaimed illustrator who has contributed to brands like Vogue and Cadbury and is known widely for hand lettering said, “The key to great ideas is not having them, it is executing them. And great ideas come from problems. As designers, we call problems, briefs and we call reactions to problems, concept.”

In lieu of that, it is extremely important to understand that having ideas and being able to execute them are different things. If you want to know the Online Graphic design qualification UK, then you can consider this quote as your guide. Gather all your ideas and find ways to execute them and that’s the way to be a graphic designer in the UK. If you have a bunch of ideas but you are lagging in being able to express them through a medium then here is where you need to work on. Learn the skill to draw out your creativity and that will help you secure a name in this field. 

With a love for art and creativity in your head, you can sure be a graphic designer but there are some online graphic design qualifications that you must possess if you can to stand out from the crowd of so many.

What is Online graphic designer qualification in the UK

 If you are thinking that you need no graphic designing qualification and just skills then that’s not all the truth. For you entering into a professional field like Graphic Designing, all you need except for skills is qualification. Skill is one thing but to make it more functional and concrete you need a qualification like a degree or a diploma in hand. This will not only state that you know this field but that you also have an interest in it as well.

For any art field, interest is the main thing. If you are just doing it for the sake of it then you would not show the level of creativity that a person with interest in it can. A picture of capable of speaking 1000 words but this will only come with creativity. To give it a firm foundation and credibility you need a qualification to support its side by side. 

So if you are confused regarding what online graphic designer qualification UK is most preferred then check out the following points. 

  •     Diploma Course or Certificate- The best way to get and appear qualified in graphic designing is by ensuring that you have a diploma course or certification in the relevant subjects that can be graphic design, illustration, fine art, visual communication, digital art, etc. Many colleges in the UK offer these courses and mostly they run for a period of 2 years. These courses will help you grow your design skills and help you stand out. 
  •     Foundation Course- Many people wish to take Graphic designing side by side with their regular studies. You can take up a part-time foundation course and get all the knowledge about the ins and outs of graphic designing in a go with it. This usually takes two years to complete. So here is a way to learn graphic designing with your other mainstream course. 

The main purpose of getting a qualification in graphic design is to make sure that you get what you want on the basis of that. Aiming for a job in graphic designing in the UK without a degree or diploma is not going to happen that easily. For that, you need to build your portfolio up to that level. 

In addition to that, for most of the art and design courses, you need some certification and qualifications and they are as follows:

  •     BTECH National Diploma or Certificate- Four GCSEs with a passing grade of 9-4 (A*-C)
  •     HNC/ HND – A Levels or equivalent in art subject 
  •     Degree – Five GCSEs or equivalent with two A-levels or equivalent in the related art subject. 

Here we are dropping another secret to online graphic design qualification UK… When you go for a job, how do you tell that you have Xyz skills? Portfolio!

And for a graphic designer, a portfolio can be the greatest way to cast an impression on the selection team. Being a graphic designer, you have to be creative in all your approaches and this starts from your portfolio.

Come up with a layout that may leave an impact and highlight your strengths and skills in graphic designing. Come up with links and put them inside your CV to showcase your work. This will show them how creative you are with your CV and that loudly tells that you are an exceptional candidate with skills and great executive skills.

What Graphic Designing Skills do you need?

Along with qualification, there are a lot many skills that you need in order to fully get into this profession with success. Let’s see what these are:

  •     Creativity- Creativity is one of the most important graphic designing skills that you need. You need to be natural at developing and coming up with new and innovative ideas. Just tap into your creative resources and give a path to your ideas.
  •     IT Skills- While the art and everything else is going digital, you need to have complete knowledge of the latest and most admired photo-editing tools that are there in the market. From tools to software, graphic designing can’t do without IT expertise.
  •     Communicating Ideas- You might have lots and lots of ideas, but the execution is the main key behind the working of a graphic designer. You might have a billion ideas entering your mind, but if you can’t execute them properly, then this field is not meant for you. The display of ideas is important and it only comes with execution.
  •     Understanding the commercial environment- A graphic designer must know what is trendy and likable to people’s choices. You need to develop a great way to pay attention to the market and use your skills in that manner.

So, if you want to secure a name in this domain then you probably now know what qualifications do you need, right? Get yourself enrolled in a certificate course and secure a job easily.

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