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From photography and photo editing apps ten years ago to the present day, Instagram has become an app that has captured the hearts of many people worldwide—used to post personal photos and videos of users and focus on communication to connect with the community created by users. Instagram is a critical area for users. Posting pictures, Likes, and comments to leave a comment has become an activity that everyone is interested in. Therefore, online branding in the app.

It is a golden opportunity for influencers and entrepreneurs. Should be used in business operations For the reason that both small and large entrepreneurs Can enter the online business competition in Instagram because the number of Instagram users worldwide in 2019 reached 1 billion, with Instagram players in the United States growing 35 – 37%. In addition, the app continues to gain popularity. In addition, brands can also reach out to customers directly. It also has features that meet the needs of users in building a business as well.

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1. Instagram User Statistics

 1.1 Statistics by age and gender

Data from Statista shows that the average age of Instagram users worldwide is less than 34 years old. And when comparing Instagram users by gender, 51% are female users and 49% are male users, which is not much difference.

1.2 Geographical statistics

from the picture below, It is the statistics of the number of users in each country. The United States holds the title for the most significant number of Instagram users globally with 116 million players, followed by India with 73 million and Brazil with 72 million. The fact that entrepreneurs know about Instagram player statistics will help online businesses to market more. And can specify customer groups to advertise to the most relevant point.

2. Statistics on Instagram usage behavior

After you all know about Instagram user group statistics by age, gender, and geography. Here are some details about Instagram behavior. Sprout Social reveals Instagram usage data based on user behavior analysis. It can be divided into four types as follows:

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2.1 How often you use Instagram

According to the Pew Research Center, 60% of Instagram users typically update or view their photos at least once a day and always open Facebook’s first service up to 21%.

2.2 Time to use Instagram

Instagram users often take the time to check information. View photos and videos about 53 minutes per day, of which Facebook players spend 58 minutes per day. This is an exciting statistic for marketers. To use customer data to produce excellent and creative content and to create engagement to be more effective.

2.3 Number of app users

By 2023, Instagram is projected to have 125.5 million active users in the United States people since 2018.

2.4 Celebrities with the most followers

In addition to the general public who use Instagram, celebrities, singers, and athletes also like to post pictures to share their personal lives and promote their work. (The number of followers) the most are: Cristiano Ronaldo has 1,967.68 million followers. Ariana Grande has 171.5 million followers. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) has 171.5 million followers.

3. Reasons why players follow brands on Instagram

Another exciting piece of data from Business Instagram revealed that 90% of players follow business branded Business Accounts. In addition, Instagram players follow business-related accounts because the brand is famous 78% of Brands are 77% creative. Brands can entertain 76% of their Instagram audience. Bands can create a community for 72% of users.

From the statistics revealed above, It can be said that what the brand has to offer its customers affects all trading Because Instagram players or customers are always on the lookout for new trending products and services, so if entrepreneurs can find a strategy that fits your brand and used to present products on the platform of Instagram effectively, the opportunity for customers to make a purchase decision and follow the brand more.

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