Packaging 101: The best sticker materials to use

Do you love the idea of sticker marketing but are not sure how to make it work for your business? Maybe you find the vast variety of sticker materials, shapes and sizes a little overwhelming? Or you simply want to ensure that you choose the perfect sticker material for your application?

We are here to help you make that decision. Below, you will find a list of the best sticker materials sticker printing companies offer to use for your product packaging. You will learn about the benefits of each, and we will give you plenty of examples to help you find the right sticker material for you. Keep on reading to find out more. 

1. Most popular: White vinyl 

If you are looking for a material you can use in many different ways, white vinyl is a great option. It comes with a medium-strength adhesive and due to its laminate, it resists water, sunlight and scratches. This makes white vinyl stickers true all-rounders. No matter if you want to use them to brand your products, shipping boxes or merchandise, white vinyl will work. 

It might sound like these stickers are only available in white. That is not true. White vinyl simply describes the white base of the material. You can print any color or color combination on it to create beautifully vibrant colors. Even gradients and shadows are not a problem. White vinyl is the perfect canvas to let your creativity run free and design your custom vinyl stickers of dreams.

2. Look through: Transparent vinyl

Are you working with a see-through surface like glass or windows? Then transparent vinyl might be just right for you. It is just as resistant and white vinyl, but it comes with a clear, see-through base. This is a great option if you are after a minimalist look or to show the contents of your product. 

With the transparent vinyl you can generate amazing effects. When color is printed on top of this material, it will create a stained-glass effect. This is the perfect way to evaluate your clear labels and product tags. On top of that, you can get so-called front adhesive transparent vinyl. This means that the sticky side will be on top of your design – perfect for applying this sticker to the inside of windows if you are also looking for a way to brand your storefront.

3. Eye-catcher: Effect materials 

Did you know that many sticker printers offer a big variety of effect materials? These materials have a vinyl base, and are just as resistant, but come in different effects like glitter, gold, silver, holographic or fluorescent. This great variety means that you can use any effect to highlight a specific feature about your brand or product. We love these materials for product launches or announcing a limited product range. If your business is all about luxurious products and high quality, you should definitely give these materials a try. 

With these materials, even the most simplistic packaging can become an eye-catcher at a low cost. There are three ways you can work with the material. Simply let the material shine through your design, print color on top to create stunning metallic looks or ask your sticker printer of trust to print white behind certain colors to create an opaque look. 

4. Go sustainable: Biodegradable materials 

When you think of stickers, you probably think of plastic. But that does not have to be true. The sticker printing industry has evolved massively over the years and is constantly exploring new, sustainable sticker options. With these plastic-free alternatives on the market, you no longer have to compromise looks and function for sustainability 

There are usually different options to choose from. The first is a fully compostable paper-like sticker made from sugar cane fibers. This sticker has a thick, white base and is perfect for short-term indoor uses. As it is made from paper, it can only withstand splashes of water. A more resistant alternative are so-called bioplastics. These are made from wood pulp and come with a white or transparent base. You can use these outdoors as well as indoors to create beautiful eco-friendly designs. 

Do you feel ready to choose your perfect sticker? We hope so and are excited to see what your next creation is going to look like. Feel free to share them with us in the comments below. Also leave any unanswered questions there for us to get back to you. 

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