Pediatric Plastic Surgery and its benefits

It is normal for everyone including parents to want certain issues or problems affecting the physical appearance of their children to be dealt with. This involves the performing of plastic surgery procedures to offer repair and reconstructive services. The evolution of these pediatric services has provided a platform to deal with these children’s problems through Portland, OR pediatric plastic and craniofacial surgery. More about the services offered is described in detail below.

What is Pediatric Plastic Surgery?

This is a range of services done during consultation and management of reconstructive problems affecting infants age two to children and adolescents as physicians aim at correcting congenital abnormalities. These diseases require special expertise as some are unique to children.

Pediatric plastic surgery aims at repairing parts of the body that have been affected by defects due to a disease, defects you were born with, or those caused by injury. The main procedures done include cleft palate and lip repair.

Some of the typical pediatric reconstructive surgeries include:

Limb salvage:

  •         If you are undergoing the possibility of cutting of your limb, reconstructive surgery may come in handy so as to put tissue to fill in the space

Hand procedures that aim at fixing or improving situations like:

  •         Improve flexibility
  •         Enhance strength
  •         Improve function
  •         Fix carpal tunnel syndrome
  •         Solve webbed fingers
  •         Fix trauma
  •         Treat arthritis

Facial reconstruction:

  •         Orthognathic surgery that focuses on straightening your jaw
  •         After a trauma or tumor resection facial reconstruction may be required

Other examples of pediatric procedures include those that treat:

  •         Head reshaping
  •         Cleft palate and lip repair
  •         Lymphedema treatment
  •         Gender confirmation surgeries
  •         Deviated septum correction
  •         Chronic headache relief
  •         Congenital ear abnormalities
  •         Congenital nevi
  •         Extremity reconstruction
  •         Craniofacial abnormalities
  •         Vascular malformations
  •         Trunk reconstruction
  •         Managing traumatic injuries surgically

Various pediatric plastic surgeries may either be inpatient or outpatient. This depends on the type of surgery and the severity of the condition. Complicated procedures that involve large areas may need you to spend a night or two. This operation is performed in a surgery center, clinic, hospital or at your healthcare provider’s office.

Although cosmetic surgery even for children is aimed at improving their appearance, it may still be associated with being shallow. However, these procedures help children to feel as if they are similar to others by not having body defects.

The procedures may not be associated with medical reasons but may have medical benefits in the long run by inhibiting the development of certain ailments.

An example of a procedure that is used for both reconstructive and cosmetic reasons is nose surgery. Nose surgery is done to enhance your nose’s appearance therefore it is a cosmetic operation. These procedures are also done to deal with nasal breathing that gets affected after getting broken. This is in turn a restorative procedure. Thus some procedures may be done for more than one reason.

Pediatric plastic surgery is a great development in the medical industry as it has enabled specialized care for children. Their body issues that necessitate surgery makes them even more delicate than usual. For any pediatric plastic surgery inquiries, check us out online, or call our offices in Portland, OR

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