Period Underwear Facts Every Parent of Teenage Girls Need to Know

Having the first menstrual period can be both exciting and nerve-wracking for teenage girls at the same time. Most teenagers will feel self-conscious each time their period begins. Aside from the discomfort, girls might feel awkward each time they wear menstrual pads or tampons. To make them more relaxed and at ease with their periods, parents should consider looking for the best period underwear for teens.

When searching for the right period pants for your teenage daughter, you need to know exactly what those are and what they can do for the wearer. Here is everything about period panties that you must know before shopping for the most appropriate period panties that teenage girls can use every month.

What exactly are Period Pants?

For years, females have used disposable pads and tampons to absorb their menstrual blood every month. But the increasing need for comfortable, effective, and environment-friendly menstrual products paved the way for the invention of period knickers to meet these requirements.

Experts explain that period underwear is made up of at least three different layers of fabric. The first layer located closest to the skin is a knitted fabric made to quickly wick fluids away from the body. It usually comes with a water repellent finish. The middle layer uses super absorbent fabrics that hold as much fluid as possible. Finally, the outer layer is mostly water-impermeable. It means that it can prevent any fluid from leaking out into your pants.

How to Use Period Underwear?

There are three different ways to wear period undies. These include:

By Itself

Your teenager can opt to wear their period panties without using other types of period products. However, it is best for those already familiar with their period pattern to know exactly when they will experience heavier flow to gauge when they need to change. Most of the time, women experiencing monthly periods choose to wear their period panties alone during their light flow days. It normally takes place during the later part of their period.

With Other Period Products

During heavier days like the first three days of the period, women can choose to put on other period products like tampons and pads. It is the time when the discharge may contain menstrual clots, which can be uncomfortable if they only wear panties to absorb the blood. The period panties will serve as additional protection against leaks and clots during heavy days.

While Waiting for the Period

Nothing feels more awkward and embarrassing for teenage girls than suddenly getting their period when they are unprepared. Since they are still getting used to this period in their lives, they may sometimes have no idea when their period will arrive. So it would be best if you would buy your daughter the best period underwear for teens that they can wear days before their expected period. It will allow them to avoid feeling the embarrassment of having stained pants while in school or when they are out with their friends.

How to Clean Period Underwear?

Aside from buying them their period undies, it is also best to teach your teenage girls how to wash their undergarments to keep them clean and hygienic after every use. You must instruct them to hand wash the garments as soon as they take them off using cold water and gentle laundry soap. The girls can also put them in the washers, as long as they choose the machine’s gentle cycle. Once all the stains are removed, they need to rinse the panties completely and hang them out to dry naturally.

Buying the right period underwear for teenage girls can help them feel more confident and comfortable during the sensitive days of the month. So invest in the right teenage period panties that your daughter can wear during every period.

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