Philadelphia 76ers pauses the season for COVID-19

Recently, Seth Curry, the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team’s point guard, tested for COVID-19. Unfortunately, the report was positive. So for safety reasons, Seth Curry has to stay in quarantine until he recovers it. As COVID-19 is a contagious disease, this virus can also infect the other team player. For this reason, the whole team of Philadelphia 76ers has to stay in quarantine. Safety is the first condition in every work. So, the Philadelphia 76ers have to maintain a break for this season. They find out only one COVID-19 positive player. But, the whole team is in danger. If the players would stay alive, then they will be able to play in the basketball ground. For this, the team has to go through this system. It may take some time to recover from this situation, but this is necessary for everyone.

Seth Curry has a positive result of the COVID-19 test, and it is very easy to say that another player also can be positive. So at this moment, staying in quarantine is the perfect decision. Seth is a very famous player for his playing skills. He also has a huge fan following. Seth’s followers hope that Seth will be back very soon, and Seth is not a player to give up. He will recover from this situation as quickly as possible.

Every season means a lot to every basketball team. Every team gets prepared for the season, and the main point is playing. So, this is a matter of great sorrow that a basketball team like the Philadelphia 76ers won’t continue this season. This pandemic can cost a hard prize for the Philadelphia 76ers. This situation and also the break of this season won’t be suitable for the players. Hopefully, the situation will be alright soon to make the situation ideal for all the players.      

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