Prize Fiesta, a gift opportunity

Prize Fiesta is a puzzle game.

The objective is to line up the symbols to move through the different worlds.

Quickly installed from your mobile store, it is a low-consumption app of less than 100 megabytes that does not slow down your phone or tablet.

As soon as you open the app, the adventure begins in a world of high-quality graphics.Color and good humor are everywhere.Having fun while knowing you could win a real gift – that’s the promise from Full Game Ahead, the creators of Prize Fiesta.

What is the Prize Fiesta Gift Cave?

Since 2010, Full Game Ahead has rewarded its players with $1, 317,000 in gifts.4,755 awards have already been delivered since 2016.  Take a tour of the player communities, where you can find testimonials from previous winners. You can even talk to them directly to learn more about their experience.You will learn how to access the cave of gifts while having fun.To access the cave, you need gift points: •Earn GEMS and dollars in games and contests. Dollars are exchanged for gift points. This allows you to open the cave.• Crowns give gift points.• The tokens you earn on Facebook can be used for the Spin. Even more chances to win gems or dollars for your piggy bank.• When your piggy bank reaches $750, you can unlock the cave.

What are the Prize Fiesta gifts?

The choice is wide in Prize Fiesta. Make your decision based on the time you spend on the game and how fast you progress.The range of rewards is regularly updated by the Prize Fiesta team. Players can even give their opinion on the choice of gifts.

Non-exhaustive list: • Smart vacuum cleaner.• Smart watch.• Switch console.• Playstation console.• Branded tablet.• Projector.• Latest-generation smartphones.• Curved-screen television.• Laptop.• Even a car!

A great choice that gives players a goal to aim for.Play for five to ten minutes a day, and you could receive one of these rewards.

Are the gifts properly delivered by Prize Fiesta?

Just spend a few moments on social media or in the app, and you can see the many players who have received rewards They are proud to share their experience. Some even post photos when they receive their gift.

All you have to do is:• Unlock the gift cave.• Choose a gift.• Accumulate gift points to earn it• Confirm your order.

… And it will be delivered directly to your home!

According to the customer service team, delivery takes between six and 60 days.Winners have a tradition of having their picture taken with the gift (if they want).Sometimes they also film the reaction of the person they are giving the reward to.

Clear proof that the gift reaches them.

What is the Prize Fiesta games and gifts project?

The idea of giving away prizes in match-3 and blast games was born in 2009.Publisher Full Game Ahead decided to develop its Prize Fiesta game as well. It was launched in 2016.
Prize Fiesta combines entertainment and rewards.A satisfying moment of escape that is gaining more and more followers around the world.This concept has encountered a significant success among players.

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