QR Code Menu: The optimized online ordering tool for restaurants

Due to difficulties the restaurant business has faced, particularly during the pandemic’s spike, there has been a 66% decrease in the number of diners seated in restaurants in the United States yearly.

Technology improvements like restaurant digital QR code menu software aid in the seamless functioning of diners, restaurants, and other food service enterprises. Businesses can provide customers with a QR code menu and an online ordering page thanks to the software.

Restaurant owners and patrons can use a QR code menu and online ordering page since it is a secure and practical platform. Through contactless and cashless transactions, they can deliver services.

In other words, an interactive QR code menu can aid restaurant businesses in remaining ahead of their competitors in challenging times.

How does a QR code menu ordering works?

A restaurant digital QR code menu software generates a QR code menu for your restaurant. The software has distinct features that can help you streamline your services to customers.

The digital QR code menu software has a feature that allows you to manage different branches in one account. It also allows you to personalize a custom-built restaurant website, customize the QR code menu, and include necessary add-ons and modifiers on your online ordering page.

Since the software allows you to personalize your QR code menu to cater to customers, you can easily add and edit the menu items you prepared for your interactive menu. You can also categorize the menu items according to their food type.

Your customers can immediately scan the QR code menu once they are seated at their tables. They will no longer need to call for waitstaff to get their meal orders. Customers can easily browse the interactive menu, place an order, pay, and immediately leave a tip on the online ordering page.

Customers can also modify their orders with the necessary add-ons and modifiers options on the online ordering page. Once your customers have already placed their orders, you can track the progress of these orders in your dashboard. You can also edit the status of each order once they are done and served to customers.

The restaurant digital QR code menu software is valuable for your restaurant. You can serve your patrons more quickly without any order errors being left behind.

With the aid of the QR code menu software, patrons can have a comfortable dining experience in your brick-and-mortar establishment.

Other features of a QR code menu

Aside from a customizable online ordering page, here are other features of a QR code menu.

  1. A QR code menu can cater to customers with cashless payment transactions with Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.
  2. You can update the menu items on the online ordering page based on their availability status.
  3. You can add modifiers and add-ons as an upselling and cross-selling strategy.
  4. You can run and set scheduled promotions for any of your menu items.
  5. You can gather sales analysis reports to create strategic planning in the long run.


Creating a QR code menu for your restaurant is quite overwhelming work. Without knowing the QR code ordering process, you won’t be able to navigate your way through the dashboard easily.

Knowing the features and how QR code menu ordering works is best. This will create a marketing strategy plan that can help you increase your customer traffic and potentially increase sales.

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