A generator is generally a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Different generators provide non repeating or repeating electronic signals.  A 15kva is among the many types of generators that we have currently in Kenya. The features and advantages of this particular generator contribute to the 15kva generator price in Kenya.

The 15kva generator price in Kenya is between 400,000 to 1,000,000 shillings depending on the manufacturer and seller. There are many types of this particular generator and they all go for a different price. The different manufacturers incorporate different features from the others with the aim to make their product unique even though the 15kva generator is used for the same function.

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The 15kva generator includes a high-quality assembly enclosure with a strong plate made of steel which provides a low transfer of vibration, stiffness and rigidity. The generating set is mounted in a water proof enclosure to avoid damage by rain water or in any case of water spillage. The closure is also acoustic.

With advancement in technology, a fuel leak detection on the 15kva generator is available. The generator also has an integral fuel tank with a fully bunded protection of the base. It also includes a control panel which includes engine protections, temperature gauges and remote alarm controls. These generators are made in such away that they automatically turn on when there is no electricity. New designs have a turn back type of air outlet and inflow which reduces the noise produced by the generator therefore improving the efficiency.

The 15kva generator mostly has a power output of 12kW and 15kVa and a standby output of about 17kva an 13Kw. Most have 415/240 and 400/230 volts with 50 Hz at 1500 RPM.

So why spend all that amount on the 15kva generator price in Kenya?

Back-up power sometimes, is needed at the most unexpected times. Nobody can predict when electricity goes off and, in most cases, power outage occurs at inconvenient times. It is therefore very important to prepare for such situations by having a singular or several generators that can save the situation. The 15kva generator comes in handy is such cases.

Communication is a vital aspect in our day to day activities. This applies to homeowners and businesses. Most communication means require power sources to operate. A 15kva generator will therefore help you keep your lines of communication even when there is no power.

Power Generators start working after a very short time of power outage. With the additional feature of an automatic transfer switch they get into action immediately when lights go off. The 15 kva generator helps reduce the level of disruption in cases where electricity was being used.

The 15kva generator helps maintain productivity in a business. Many businesses require electricity to operate. When there is no electricity the business gets paralysed until power is restored. Productivity in modern day business contributes to the income of the business. This means that when people don’t work the financial state of the business is affected. An installed generator will help overcome that challenge.

That said, the reasons for the 15kva generator price in Kenya are clear.

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