Reasons why Your Brussels Griffon Dog Needs to be Mentally Stimulated

As far as raising a dog is concerned, intentions matter a lot. However, your actions matter a lot more. This is because you can ignorantly exhibit the wrong action even with all the right intentions. So, you need to understand all that needs to be done in raising a dog.

Not exposing dogs to things that keep them mentally stimulated is one area where many canine parents fail. We will shed more light on this by using one of the most adorable dogs (Brussels griffon) as a case study.

You are advised to keep reading even if you do not have the privilege of being a pet parent to one. This is because the information discussed here will still prove relevant to canine parents at large. But first, let us explain what mental stimulation is all about.

What Is Mental Stimulation?

These are deliberate activities that keep the mind active and positively reinforced. Human beings do several things that keep their minds mentally stimulated and make them sane at large. For more on this subject, you can visit:

In the same vein, canines (just like humans) need their minds active and positively reinforced to always be in a sane state. This is something that every Brussels griffon owner and canine parent at large needs to understand.

The Importance of Mentally Stimulating Your Brussels Griffon

A lot of canine parents spend quality time taking their dogs for walks and other forms of exercise. Exposing your canine companion to such is a good thing to do but not the only thing to be done. One other area of concern should be mentally stimulating your dog.

The major reason for this is so that you would have a canine companion in the right mental state. This would also help you avoid the complications associated with dogs that are not mentally stimulated. To know more about these complications, you should pay attention to the next part of this article.

The Adverse Effects of Not Mentally Stimulating Your Brussels Griffon Dog

We have discussed the importance of making sure your canine companion is mentally stimulated above. However, this job is not complete until you know the cons of not doing this. To this end, the disadvantages include the following:

An Unhappy Dog

Food and Physical activities are not the only things that make your dog happy. One other thing that many of us are unaware of is the aspect of mental stimulation. It is even a major part of what makes our canine companions happy.

These canines become happier because they get opportunities to put their minds to good use in solving problems and unraveling puzzles. So, you should make sure your canine companion is exposed to activities that will help them achieve this. For more on this subject, you can click here.

An Uncooperative Dog

Mental stimulation should form a major part of a canine’s training. This is because it helps them cooperate and achieve the aim of the training as fast as possible.

In situations where mental stimulation is insufficient or lacking, training becomes difficult or not even possible. This is something that professional and experienced dog trainers understand and take advantage of. It is one of the reasons for their success in the industry.

A Bored Dog

Physical exercise and activities are important and should not be undermined. This is because of the many benefits that come with it. But it is not the only thing that helps your dog overcome boredom.

You should know that your canine companion can still end up bored after running the length and breadth of your indoor or outdoor space. Mental stimulation is what will save the day at such times. This is why you should make it a point of duty to always allow your canine to have enough of it.

A Destructive Dog

Mentally stimulation is what makes sure your dog is always in a sane state. Without it, your canine companion is very likely to lose it and start exhibiting terrible behaviors. Destructive habits are one of the acts that such dogs could exhibit.

This is because a good number of such dogs (including the Brussels griffon) end up with separation anxiety and many other anxiety-related complications. So, you should make sure yours does not end up this way.

A Clingy Dog

We admire and appreciate moments spent with our canine companions. We even look forward to such moments as loving canine parents or owners.

However, we expect that there is a limit to this as a clingy dog is a no-no. It is good that a dog has a sense of independence and can do well when the human companions are not around or busy.

Well, dogs that are not mentally stimulated have a problem of being too clingy. Many of them resort to destructive acts when they do not get the attention they crave for. This is why you need to make sure you teach a sense of independence to your canines by mentally stimulating them.


Having a dog that exhibits these signs can be a nightmare. We strongly advise that you consider activities that are mentally stimulating for your dog to solve the problem. But truth be told, it would take some time before things are how they should be.

This is why you should look for short-term solutions as well. Administering CBD is one of the most effective options you can consider and you can check out holistapet dogs guide for more on this subject.

But even at that, you should not play down on exposing your dogs to activities that keep them mentally stimulated. This is very important and needs to be taken seriously.

We especially recommend that canine owners of breeds such as the Brussels griffon dog take this more seriously. This is because such breeds are more vulnerable if they are not mentally stimulated well enough.

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