Recruitment agency software – giving recruiters more freedom

There’s no escaping the stack of tasks that pile up daily on a recruiter’s desk. Or that’s what it can feel like. But now with a strong recruitment software partner, there’s less clutter on the desk and more time to pursue the tasks you really want to.

Recruitment being a people-centric job, it is fundamental to have substantial communication and a good relationship with candidates and clients. But more often than not, recruiters are too occupied with mundane administrative jobs. This leads them to focus more on the time-consuming and repetitive back-office chores while not getting enough time for networking and relationship building.

But if staffing agencies invest in good recruitment CRM software systems, there is a lot to be gained from this.

Thriving with recruitment software

Every aspect of business benefits from this investment. This is due to the fact that the software is capable of transforming and impacting the way recruiters work – from start to finish.

  1. One platform that brings storing and accessing documents together
  2. Automation is in every part of the recruitment process
  3. Work is streamlined and organised
  4. Communication is easier, quicker
  5. Integration with other recruiting tools makes work easier
  6. Remote recruiting is made possible
  7. Candidate sourcing is no longer as challenging

A huge advantage that comes with using a good recruitment platform is the freedom it affords. This freedom stems from the fact that recruitment CRM enables work to be streamlined. Recruiters will enjoy more efficiency in their working system which helps progress much of their work more quickly and conveniently.

As mentioned above, automation seeps into every facet of the recruiting features when using recruitment software. So, when recruiters start CV parsing and branding, instead of taking days or even weeks, these tasks can be completed within minutes. Then recruiters can move on to the next task secure in the knowledge that the software did all the work correctly.

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Communication can be the differentiating factor when it comes to quality candidate experience and candidate engagement. Recruitment takes time as there are many layers to the process. But top talents do not lack great opportunities. So it is advisable to always remain in contact with the candidates.

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Modern recruitment means there are various means of interacting with the applicants. There are emails, telephone calls, SMS, face to face meetings, video interviews, etc. If you’re a recruiter who doesn’t still use CRM software then it is certain that your communication is dispersed and unorganised. Using recruitment software brings all the messages and emails and texts to one platform. You can easily pull up old texts or send quick emails using templates. Regular interaction becomes easy and greatly boosts candidate experience.

A robust recruitment agency software is one that integrates perfectly with other recruiting tools. Candidate skills testing is necessary these days. From filtering applicants to quickening the selection process, there are many benefits that come from candidate skills assessment. Therefore, many agencies utilise skills testing software. It helps to have this software work well with the agency’s CRM.

Similarly, other tools such as video calling software, e-signature tools, etc., that have become prominent for a successful digital and remote recruiting experience must be compatible with the recruitment software of choice.

And lastly, the use of recruitment agency software transforms talent sourcing and makes it extremely convenient and simple. Sourcing candidates quickly is vital in recruitment. The quicker this can be done, the better. Recruiters utilise social media platforms to identify and reach out to suitable individuals. Now with CRM, the process of accessing candidate information is simpler and easier. This saves time and is highly convenient for all recruiters.

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Always do the research

Yes, research is key to finding recruitment software that actually suits every element of your work style.

Start with identifying pain points in your agency and discuss the possible solutions you’d like to see. Internet research is always useful as it helps to immediately make you aware of the leading providers in the market.

Make use of all the free product demos on offer. These are usually done online these days so it is very efficient and convenient for everyone. The demos help in clearing doubts and are a great opportunity to see the software in operation and get a feel of what it would be like to use it.

Finally, ask for customer testimonials and read reviews on third party sites. These are useful in generating ideas about what to expect from the service provider.

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