The term “reflexology” is derived from the Latin word “reflextio” meaning reflection, which refers to the idea that all parts of the body are connected. This connection is said to be mapped out on the foot in a reflex map. The basic principle behind reflexology is that there are points on your feet that correspond to different parts of your body and by stimulating these points you can help your whole self heal more quickly. Reflexology has been practiced for centuries in many cultures around the world, but it was first introduced into Western medicine in 1913 by Dr William Fitzgerald who noticed similarities between what he observed during Chinese hand-massages and his own practice of ear acupressure. Today, this form of alternative medicine is practiced mostly as a form of complementary therapy, but some people swear by its efficacy, and it continues to be researched.

Reflexology claims to help heal many common ailments by stimulating the body’s natural self-healing process. It is also said to boost general well-being and energy levels. Above all else, reflexology is a gentle type of complementary therapy, so there aren’t any known side effects. Buy Foot Massager

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a traditional therapeutic method based on the principle that the feet are a microcosm of the body. According to reflexology, there are points on your feet that can be gently massaged to alleviate local pain and tension. The treatment has been shown to relieve general feelings of well-being and promote healing for many common ailments.

How does it work reflexology

The map of the feet is said to correspond to the entire body. By massaging or manipulating specific points on the foot, it is possible to achieve a therapeutic effect on the corresponding part of the body. This process stimulates and frees up blocked energy and pressure points on the body; it has many benefits for those who suffer from poor circulation, arthritis, and aches and pains.

Reflexology is based on the principle that the feet are a microcosm of the body, and that there are points on them which can be stimulated to relieve local tensions. This ancient practice aims to improve general well-being and to promote healing for many common ailments.

The aim of Reflexology is to bring balance in both the body and the mind. By massaging or manipulating specific points on the feet it is possible to achieve a therapeutic effect on the corresponding part of the body, clearing blockages of energy and pressure points. It can help with relieve tension headaches, lower back pain, stress, anxiety and sciatica among others things.

Benefits of Reflexology:

Improved circulation and digestion:

Reflexology can work wonders for your appetite and digestion, and is a great way to rebalance your system. Starting at the top of the foot, from the ball of your foot, about halfway up the arch, on either side of you toes can help improve circulation in your digestive system. This will help relieve constipation as well as improve heartburn or acid reflux. Buy Foot Massager with heat

Promotes healing:

You may not know this but reflexology can be used as a form of physical therapy to heal various injuries. So next time you’re feeling achy or sore you should give reflexology a try!

Reduces stress levels:

Many people that experience anxiety and stress can benefit from reflexology. Reflexology relaxes the body, allowing your muscles to loosen up and tension to leave your body.

Improved sleep:

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night try a little bit of reflexology on some key points on your feet before going to bed! You may wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day!

Aids in weight loss:

Reflexology is a great way to help with weight loss in a healthy and effective way. When reflexology is used on specific points on the feet it can stimulate your metabolism, allowing for more energy and calorie burn throughout the body. It can also reduce cravings of unhealthy food by helping you feel more satisfied with the food you eat.

Relieves pain in joints and muscles:

Reflexology can be used to help relieve pain in various parts of the body including your neck, feet, legs, hands and even your face! By stimulating certain points throughout the foot reflexology helps release endorphins that lessen the effects of inflammation. This is a great way to recover from sprains or bruises in a speedy manner!

Relieves headaches:

One of the most common benefits of reflexology is its ability to relieve headaches. There are points on the foot that can help with any pain you might be feeling from a headache. You can apply firm pressure with your thumb, fingers or even by using a tennis ball to help relieve tension and improve blood flow.

Relieves cold and flu symptoms:

Even though there is no medicine that can cure the common cold or other types of sicknesses, reflexology may be able to offer some relief. There are points on the foot that can help with congestion as well as sneezing and coughing.

Aids in labor:

Reflexology can help ease the painful symptoms of labor by stimulating certain points on the feet. During pregnancy it’s important to exercise and drink plenty of water, but reflexology is a great way to keep stress levels low during labor!

Relieves sinus pressure:

There are specific points throughout the foot that can help release pressure in the sinuses, which can be relieved by applying firm pressure.

Relieves swelling:

Reflexology is a great way to help reduce swellings that might be caused by various conditions including arthritis or even insect bites. When you apply some firm pressure to the area it helps increase blood flow, allowing for faster healing of any injuries or swelling.

Relieves nausea:

There are certain points on the feet that can help relieve any feelings of nausea by applying firm pressure. If you feel nauseous from a migraine, stress, morning sickness, motion sickness or even chemotherapy it’s important to try reflexology for some relief!

Who can use Reflexology

There are a few different people who can use reflexology to their benefit. Those that have been diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or any other ailment that has been taken into account when developing the treatment plan can enjoy a session of reflexology. It is also a great way for people to relax and unwind.

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The most common age group for those who enjoy a session of reflexology is 55-65 years old. This is because they often have the time and energy to take care of themselves in this way after they have retired from their careers.

Most women prefer to get reflexology done on their feet by someone whom they trust and feel comfortable with. This is usually because they want to let down their guard and relax in order to enjoy it.

Beginners who are looking for a new way to start their journey into relaxation may want to try out reflexology on somebody else before they try it on themselves. This is because they want to understand the process and feel comfortable with how the treatment works when someone else lays back and lets them take charge of their relaxation. This is a great first step and will open up the gates to a new, stress-free way of life.


Why should you try reflexology

Reflexology is a form of massage that’s much more than just the physical relief it provides. Reflexologists believe in their hearts and minds, based on ancient practices from around China , India or Africa – wherever people first discovered this technique-, there are points all over your feet which can be stimulated to relieve local tensions as well improve general health by promoting healing for many common ailments like headaches caused due poor circulation patterns etc..

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