Relive Your Youthfulness With Anti-Aging Treatments

You may be unable to evade your aging process, but you can delay or minimize the signs of aging, enabling you to enjoy your youthfulness for a while longer. Wrinkles and fine lines may interfere with your physical appearance, affecting your self-confidence. Suppose you are looking to turn back time. In that case, your most trusted Plano anti-aging & hormone specialist at The Riegel Center may have the perfect treatment for minimizing the appearance of aging signs.

How do hormones contribute to aging in women?

Women undergo several age-related hormonal fluctuations during aging, especially after hitting menopause. As you age, your body tends to minimize the production of specific hormones, and the hormone receptors in your cells significantly reduce. Ultimately, this change can promote unwelcome signs of aging in your body. Estrogen and progesterone are the major hormones that determine the aging process in women.

  • Estrogen reduction

Your estrogen levels may drop during the aging process, especially once you hit menopause, causing hyaluronic acid and collagen depletion. These substances are vital for maintaining firm, glowing and youthful skin, meaning a reduction in estrogen can result in the thinning, drying, and sagging of skin, causing unpleasant fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Progesterone reduction

Progesterone is responsible for keeping depression and anxiety levels in check, and it also aids in natural sleep. Inadequate production of this hormone can cause elevated exhaustion, stress, and sadness, factors that promote the aging process.

 Other hormones like testosterone may also cause specific unwelcome physical changes in both sexes. If you feel disturbed about the onset of wrinkles and other signs of aging, you can talk to our specialist at The Riegel Center about the available anti-aging treatments.

How does testosterone contribute to aging?

Testosterone is an active hormone in both sexes as it is responsible for regulating sex drive, sperm production, and the promotion of muscle mass. As men age, their testosterone levels deplete, resulting in unpleasant thinning skin, wrinkles, and unwelcome weight gain. Reduction in testosterone levels is a cause of concern, but it is also a natural part of the aging process. In most cases, testosterone depletion may cause reduced energy levels making you feel exhausted even after light physical activities.

Does anti-aging hormone combat signs of aging?

During your appointment at The Riegel Center, your provider conducts a thorough physical exam before recommending an appropriate medication. Dr. Riegel may prescribe customized bioidentical hormone therapy to defy your aging process and delay your youthfulness for a while.

He understands that everybody has unique needs ad prescribes your hormone levels according to your bodily needs. Your provider may create a favorable schedule for you to monitor the treatment’s effectiveness and make the necessary adjustments. After every six months, you may also need to visit your doctor for maintenance.

Additionally, The Riegel Center team offers psychiatric consultations to help and support you during a reduction in neurotransmitter function. Dr. Riegel may recommend anti-inflammatory therapy, aesthetic procedures, telomere lengthening, and anti-oxidant therapy.

Call The Riegel Center or book your spot online to explore the available anti-aging treatments.

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