Safety Instructions to Follow While Using Power Tools

Power tools are not just equipment for professionals. Tools like the Makita tools have become an integral part of a homeowner’s life. They have become so typical in our life that we often overlook the safety hazards they pose. If one fails to use them properly or maintain them, these tools are capable of causing severe injuries.

Most of these issues result from the misuse of power tools. Regardless of whether it is from the development of unsafe habits or lack of proper training, these problems need to be addressed. Here are three main causes behind power tool injuries:

1. Complacency or Inattention

If you are in a hurry to beat your deadline, you increase the risk of injuries and accidents. It doesn’t matter how confident and competent you are; you should not allow yourself to become complacent or inattentive.

2. Unexpected Accidents

Power tools usually operate at very high speeds. This means that when something happens, it happens quickly. If you are inexperienced, unaware of how the tool works, or plan poorly, the chances are that thing might end badly even worse.

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3. Overconfidence or Inexperience

Accidents involving novices are often caused by a lack of respect for the tools’ capabilities or necessary knowledge of safety issues. If you are an inexperienced operator, you might not be able to identify a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, with experience, you might become overconfident in your abilities.

That is why you must wear the proper personal protective equipment like gloves and safety glasses at all times. These will protect you from the hazards you might encounter while working with power tools. Also, you should keep the floor of your workplace as dry and clean as possible. This will prevent any accidental slips around or on dangerous power tools. Make sure that all your tools are fitted with safety switches and guards. When used improperly, these tools can be extremely hazardous. Here are some more precautions that you need to take while using a power tool:

  • Do not carry around a power tool by its hose or cord.
  • Do not yank the hose or cord for disconnecting it from the power source.
  • Keep the hoses and cords away from sharp edges, oil, and heat.
  • When you are not using the tools, disconnect them. This includes: while cleaning and servicing them and changing the accessories like cutters, blades, and bits.
  • All the people that are involved in the project should be kept at a safe distance from the workspace at all times.
  • Secure your work with a vice or clamps so that both hands are free for operating the power tool.
  • Avoid starting the tools accidentally. While you are carrying the plugged-in power tool, do not put your fingers on the trigger or switch button.
  • Exercise carefulness while maintaining the tools. For best performance, keep them clean and sharp.
  • Read the instructions provided in the user manual carefully and change and lubricate accessories accordingly.
  • Maintain proper balance and keep good footing while operating your power tools.
  • While using the tools, wear proper apparel. Loose clothing, jewellery or ties might get caught in between the moving parts.
  • Get rid of damaged electric tools.
  • Make sure that all the power tools are kept in good condition and regularly inspected for defects.

There is a wide range of power tools available in the market today, such as the Makita tools that help people perform more tasks and be more efficient than ever before. However, if you misuse them, they can lead to severe injury and even death.

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