SARMs vs. Steroids – which is better?

If you are an internet person, you would have seen that fitness freaks and professionals trainers go crazy about SARMs. And the opinion about this chemical is twofold – some love it while others abhor it. Indeed, the FDA did not ban it as an illegal drug. Of course, you can buy SARMS online as supplements because of their benefits. But many compare SARMs with steroids, thinking they are the same. To clear those misconceptions and to help you get a clear idea, the below information will help out.

What is SARMs? 

SARMs are nothing but Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators which bind with androgen receptors to promote protein synthesis. To put it simply, they stimulate the growth of muscles in the body. The discovery of this drug was purely accidental. During the research and drug development for prostate cancer, SARMs got identified by scientists. This chemical has a significant impact on fat loss and muscle growth.

Different types of SARMs

From the acronym, you would have guessed that there is more than a single type of SARMs. Some of the popular styles are:


Also called MK-2866. Improves lean muscle mass and stimulates testosterone production.


Also called GW501516. Even though Cardarine is not a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, it is often classified as such. This increases the endurance and strength of the muscle to enhance performance.


The other name of ibutamoren is MK-667. It is a growth hormone secretagogue and is more like Cardarine.

Other SARMs and SARMs- like chemicals with various impacts and efficacies. These basics are enough to understand what SARMs are. Now let’s take a look at steroids.

What are steroids?

Since both boost muscle mass, many think they are the same. While both may look like doing the same work, they are entirely different chemicals on a molecular level. Anabolic steroids are more like synthetic hormones that work like the body’s testosterone. The truth is, these chemicals are illegal in many countries. But bodybuilders take them to aid them in training recovery and support the growth of muscles.

The major drawback of steroids is the never-ending list of side effects. Also, the physical changes that occur due to steroids are not always desirable. Problems with hair growth and genitalia are commonly seen. The primary cause of such side effects is the improper use of steroids.

So, what’s the difference?

There are a few key differences that make SARMs different and superior to steroids. For starters, steroids are illegal while SARMs are not. Studies on SARMs are still happening to know the drug’s extent. That’s why the FDA has not regulated it. But you can get SARMs as supplements from reputable companies which are of high-quality.

Usually, the administration of anabolic steroids occurs through injections. This poses a risk for infections. But with SARMs, oral administration of the drug is possible, which a good alternative to steroids is.

Last but not least – the side effects of the drug. Steroids have more side effects because they are synthetic and work against the body. But SARMs have very few side effects because these chemicals target muscles in their working process.

Results SARMs will give you.

According to a rough estimate, a user of SARMs can gain up to 30 pounds within two months. Even if the SARMs supplements are regularly taken, the actual duration may vary for each individual. Factors like experience, diet, workout schedule, the supplement’s dose, and the hard work an individual puts into the bodybuilding regime determine when results will become evident.

You can get quick and promising outcomes if you have nutrition knowledge and lift weights. If you are searching and reading SARMs for muscle gain, it is best to go for Ostartine first. This is the first and oldest SARMs type identified and studied. Compared to other types, this type has undergone a lot of clinical trials.

A word of caution

Remember that not everyone who uses SARMs will get the same or excellent results because the drug’s effect depends on other factors like workout regime and diet. So, learn a little about nutrition and fitness, giving you a hand to get good results.

Also, keep in mind that the evidence of SARMs effect is anecdotal. Only very few scientists researched this drug to know its benefits. In a sense, you can say that SARMs remain a terrain that is not deeply explored. Some users have complained about vision changes, skin irritation, and blood pressure increase.

Can I use SARMs?

This will be a question that you will answer for yourselves. But if you want to use SARMs, do a proper study to equip yourself for the best results. Make sure to buy SARMs only from a reputable company that you can trust.

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