Scott Arfield has to stay away from football for a long time

One of Rangers F.C’s most talented midfielders is Scott Arfield, taking an extended break from football for his serious injury. In the last match, this midfielder got injured. The report of the test has confirmed that he has a serious injury that needs to recover. If Scott went to play football again, then he has to maintain bedrest until he gets well. As a midfielder, Scott is a very hard-working player. He uses to run around the midfield over and over again. For a midfielder, this is normal to get injured. But, this time, Scott Arfield is facing one of the worst injuries of his life. The doctor recommended him not to push the damage because it can be more harmful to his career.

The absence of Scott Arfield will not be so good for the football team Rangers F.C. Because a midfielder like Scott is not so available. Rangers F.C will have to choose the right person instead of Scott. Scott is very good at midfield. In most of the matches, Scott has proved that he is the best midfielder of Rangers F.C. So, without Scott, the team will face some weakness. Though Rangers F.C is a powerful team and it has many expert players for the other positions. Without a right midfielder, the team will break as the season is going on, so in this season, Rangers F.C will have to play without Scott Arfield.

Scott Arfield is one of the most popular midfielders of the present football universe. He has to miss the matches of this season for his good. After the injury, no one saw him with a football boot. Scott Arfield is also following the instructions so that he can return as soon as possible.

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