Should You Consider Using Outsourced Tax Services for Your Business?

Small business owners often have more questions than answers when dealing with tax matters. A number of companies don’t have the financial resources to have a team of CPAs and tax consultants, but they cannot afford to ignore the need for tax planning either. If you are wondering whether you should hire Tax services for your business, here is an overview of what the right firm can do for you. 

Tax Preparation

The right accounting firm will help with tax preparation, which includes services like: 

  1. Checking & rechecking tax returns both manually and through computer software
  2. Filing tax returns electronically
  3. Advice on payroll withholding
  4. Guide on reducing tax liability for the next financial year

Tax planning

There are different strategies that one can use to save on taxes. Your tax service can do the following:

  1. Advice on preserving assets
  2. Offer insights on deferring income
  3. Find strategies to reduce taxes
  4. Advice on reducing taxes on gifting
  5. Reduce taxes on your investments
  6. Help with managing personal contributions

Resolving tax problems

When you hire a tax service, they will take care of the common tax problems. Even if your business has been a step behind with tax planning, your outsourced team can help. They can do the following:

  1. IRS Audit Representation
  2. Help with Non-Filed Tax Returns
  3. Resolving issues related to unpaid taxes
  4. Support for payroll tax problems
  5. Assistance with IRS Levies and IRS Wage Garnishment

Hiring experts for what they are best at 

People often believe that they can handle tax services on their own. Truth be told, most of us are not aware of the common regulations and requirements, and for businesses, keeping up with compliance is a must. When you hire a team of tax experts, you can focus better on your business. Your tax planning team can work in sync with the accounting team to determine the right strategies. Not to forget, it costs much less to outsource tax-related work than to have an in-house team. Depending on the work involved, you can expect to pay a monthly price or a yearly fee for tax services. Most firms will share an estimate in advance. 

Now that you know the basics, find a firm that can handle both tax and accounting work. They can ensure that you have the time to focus on other key aspects of your business without worrying about taxes & financial planning. It also gives more time to the core team to handle more pressing matters.

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