Six realistic tips for a real estate property seller

You must have found a Thousand articles online about property buying tips and do’s and don’ts to follow. But, if you are a property seller, then the options are white shallow, and you might not find many helpful tips around. Here in this article, we will walk you through a seller’s guide that you might want to sell your new condominium or apartment without any hassle.

Price properly

If you want to sell your property quickly and without any hassle, you have to understand the value of your apartment correctly and place the bets according to the market price. Overpricing will not bring you good deals, and if you keep the prices lower than the current market price, it will be your loss. So, you can take an expert opinion or visit Clavon Clementi to understand the perfect pricing range of different apartments.

Clevon is a new condominium complex in the heart of Singapore, and you will find all the modern life facilities at the lowest possible price. So, it is an excellent option if you are seeing your new residence or trying to understand the pricing range.

Hire professionals

If you do not have to go through the whole listing process and handle the customers, then you can hire a professional property dealer agency for the job. The agency will meet with the potential buyers, complete background checks and other essential formalities. So, you only need to sign the final papers and pay the commission to the agency to finish your property deal.

Know about the commissions

Here comes the point when you hire a professional property dealer. You have to know the final commission the broker or the dealer agency is going to charge you. Sometimes, the popular agencies charge a bit more than the others in the market. Here you have to do your research and compare the risks with the benefits.

Usually, professional property dealer agencies hire skilled graduates with experience and legal permission to deal with properties. Also, these companies have a reputation for handling, and so there are fewer chances of problems. You have to understand that better service requires better pricing, and if you can afford it, it is always better to go for the professionals.

Be open to home tours.

There will be many quotes and interested parties to buy your home. If you want to cut the hassle, you first have to make a shortlist of the potential buyers and then invite them to a home tour. Usually, people want to visit the home a few times before buying, and it is a very legit demand. So, you should be very open about it and try to accompany the potential buyers during the home tours.

Arrange open quotes

If you want to sell the property soon and avoid the hassle, you can arrange for an open auction ceremony. Here you can advertise for the auction ceremony on social media platforms, local or national newspapers, or such to gather potential buyers. It is a speedy and effective way of selling your property.

Describe your property well

People want their new residence to be in the best locations with all possible amenities like the dairy farm residences. So, you have to describe the property’s good sides, nearby schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, and transportation systems to get more response to your advertisement.


All these points are essential and can bring you a good number of buyers. But, make sure to ask for the no-objection certificate, NOC of the buyer from the court before selling your property.

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