Sliding glass door

sliding glass door common size, it is a standard size. However, home builders บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน should consult the manufacturer to know the size of the door, frame, opening size that should be prepared, lighting and details about installation.

  • An unfinished opening should be prepared 1″ (25) on the wide side or 3″ (75) larger than the actual door size with the door frame.

The frame of the sliding glass door may be made of wood, aluminum, or steel. The wood frame may be made of wood treated with a wood protective coating. Primer, paint, and then coat the surface. aluminum or vinyl the metal frame can be made of various metal materials. There are various finishes with windproof eyebrows that may be attached from the factory.

  • Generally, sliding doors are manufactured with a set of bolts and handles from the factory. with air or water protection eyebrows the main door and the screened door may be on the outside or the inside alternately depending on the usage conditions.

ADA standard

  • For the door channel
  • The external sill should be no higher than ¾” (19).

Frame doors and hidden sliding doors

folding door There will be a range depending on the type of lotus/brow. house building company รับสร้างบ้าน Often get sliding doors and hidden sliding doors in style. wall finish Lotus/eyebrows covering joints and other details are as follows:

  • Door track anchor

upper frame

  • Wooden, metal or plastic doors, which may be smooth, louvered, or slatted.
  • Door thickness 11⁄8″, 13⁄8″, 1¾” (29, 35, 45).


  • The pivot of the door is not attached to the side frame.


  • Spindle on the floor.
  • surface finish
  • Floor mat

hidden sliding door

  • Wall frame
  • Sliding door rails
  • Eyebrows cover the joints.

upper frame

  • Interior door, flat type. or a hatchling
  • Door thickness 13⁄8 , 1¾” (35,45)
  • Leave space 3⁄16″ (5)
  • Retractable shock absorber hideout.


  • Side frame trim to cover the wall.


  • Door rails on the floor.
  • For the distance of floor decoration materials.

Sliding doors and roller shutter doors

  • Dividing hatches Made of wood or aluminum
  • Sliding up doors can be up to 20′ (6,095) tall and 30′ (9,145) wide.
  • Flat type made of wood or steel.
  • Embossed eyebrows are made of steel or fiberglass.
  • Steel door or aluminum coil type.
  • Roller shutter doors can be up to 24′ (7,315) tall and 32′ (9,755) wide.

sliding door

Sliding up doors may be constructed of one piece of wood or multiple pieces of wood, steel, aluminum or fiberglass. It opens by swinging or sliding the door upward. which may be used by hand or electric to turn on – off

  • Both sliding doors and roller shutter doors Manufacturers may produce see-through hatches, insulated sub-gates and accessories, so consult the manufacturer. to know the size, style and installation

roller shutter door

Roller shutter doors are made from several pieces of metal slats arranged horizontally. by sticking together to make the rolls fold Slide it up and down along the rails held on the side of the opening with the pivot on top of the opening.

Glass door

Bare glass door

  • Top frame, consult a manufacturer of aluminum and glass panels. to know the amount of steel reinforcement in the transom box If you want to make a lintel
  • For safety It’s best to use ½” or ¾” (13 or 19) tempered glass that is clear enough and possibly a light shade to see through to the other side.
  • Two-way open-close door, bare.
  • According to ADA standards, thresholds should be no higher than ½” (13) for entry-exit.
  • Space 3⁄16″ (5) from the ground for the rotation of the pane. But there will be weaknesses in waterproof and weatherproof.
  • The installation of pivot shock absorbers in the floor should be checked with the manufacturer.

framed glass door

  • Top frame, consult a manufacturer of aluminum and glass panels. to know the amount of steel reinforcement in the transom box If you want to make a lintel
  • Air and water resistant eyebrows.
  • One-way opening-closing door with frame.

glass door

Glass doors commonly used for building entrance doors are manufactured by heating the glass to increase its strength. It can be framed or not.

  • In case of use as an emergency fire exit door The quality class of the glass door panels should be checked in accordance with the building law.
  • Should consult the manufacturer. to know the size and various extra features
  • Door alignment. May be customized according to the number of doors and the opening-closing direction
  • Glass door that uses a pivot point to open-close embedded in the floor. This may be the position of the end or shortened into the door will pivot on the shock absorber embedded in the ground type to reduce the distance open.
  • Glass doors can use embedded devices.
  • Installation of automatic door opening-closing motor devices. By receiving signals from radio waves, infrared beams can be detected.

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