Snapchat tips and tricks for newbies and how to use it on PC

Snapchat, a wholesome popular social media with many features. Snapchat have gained a whopping number of the user. There are over 250 million users who are active on daily basis and send over 4 billion snaps to each other. Despite being a popular app there are still some of its features that are not known to many of the new users. What I love about this app is how it is constantly growing and evolving over the past few years. Snapchat was initially one to one messaging app but now it’s a wholesome app from videos to discover content. Here are some of the hidden features that most people don’t know.

Shazam any song with Snapchat:

You can Shazam any song with your Snapchat account. There is an in-app integrated feature that can let you know any song playing around you with just a single tap on your screen. For that, you will open your cam, and instead of touching the recording button, place your finger anywhere around on the screen and this is how you can shazam any of your songs playing around you.

Place double filter:

You can place double filters on your profile. This is a feature that some of them know but don’t bother about. If you click your photo with any of the filter or discovered lens you use, you can put another over it by swiping your fingers from left to right. This double filter feature was introduced lately.

Video call or voice call:

When you open your chat box there is an option for you to call your friends either on a voice call or by video call. You can make groups based on your interest or with people you know. You can also video call or voice call with the members of your group. In group chats, you can also interact with people, whom you did not add as your friends.

Interact with anyone around the world

Snapchat rolled out a feature of geological stories, which means if your stories are public anyone can watch your stories. To watch these, you need to click on the little map icon which is present in the bar where there are cameras and other options than where there are blue color zones on the world map, touch on these areas and you can watch their stories. But there isn’t an option for you to interact if they don’t didn’t mention themselves or tag themselves in the story. If they did, then you can swipe up to add through their username and can interact with them. If you see a random person location-based public story your username or name won’t be seen in the view list of their story. If you want to put your stories on the world map, then you will be required to turn on your location while posting.

Play games with your friends:

There is an option for you to play games with your friends in your chatbox. These games will be multiplayer, connected through a server, and will let you play freely. There are many Snapchat owned or Snapchat developed little multiplayer games to choose from. These games are fun and interactive.

Play with Cameos:

Cameos are selfies that you click and then these selfies will be placed on some random animated characters. Your face will be on these characters. All these animated gifs will be available to you send to your friends. Your friends can see it too if you haven’t made it private or if you choose to send which cameo to whom.

Snapchat on PC:

All these cool features look fun and interactive but what if you have a slow phone. All you need is a hustle-free experience with your friends. You want uninterrupted video calls, lag-free multiplayer gaming, and streaming of your favorite Snapchat originals. For this, you need a powerful android emulator since there is no official app for Snapchat. What the android emulator does is it let you play almost any game or app available on the play store on PC.

Snapchat and LDPlayer:

Snapchat and LDPlayer are perfectly compatible with each other even if you have a low-end PC. One of the advantages of LDPlayer is its speed and stability. Also, this software is equipped with multitasking features. This feature allows you to open more than one window in the same game or app.

Here are the minimum specs required for LDPlayer.

  • OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • CPU Intel/AMD Dual-core processor
  • GPU OpenGL 2.0 up
  • RAM 2GB RAM/4GB RAM (recommended)
  • Disk 36GB
  • File Size 3MB


LDPlayer is safe and user-friendly, focusing mainly on user performance and user privacy. It doesn’t contain many ads which are different than most of the other android emulators. It doesn’t contain any spyware which’s why it is a perfect match for you to use Snapchat on your PC. LDPlayer offers not only comparable performance but also the blazing speed for running any Android app on a PC.

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