The Best Yoga Retreats in Thailand

People travel for all the reasons. Some embark on a journey for leisure, some want to get away from their daily life’s hustle and bustle, and some are lucky enough to be able to travel for their work. However, as striking as it seems, travelling requires you to the best of your physical and mental shape. You need to maintain your health and fitness not before setting sail on any travelling voyage, but also during your travels and destination as well.

You need to maintain a healthy routine no matter where you are. So, for this reason, you should always travel to destinations where you can find healthy air, a peaceful environment, great culture, organic food, and amazing exercise and yoga retreats. Thailand is a perfect place for every tourist to not only enjoy his or her time but also maintain body shape and health by doing yoga. There are hundreds of picture-perfect beaches, waterfalls, and mountains that are best for any yoga retreat.

Why yoga is the best form of exercise when travelling?

People think of their travelling trips as a way to escape every little thing from their daily lives. They also avoid doing workouts and even yoga on their travel. A little lethargy can be tolerated, but getting completely away from yoga and exercise can drain away all your hard work, and you will not remain a healthy and fit individual. So, keeping your yoga and travelling parallel is important for your physical and mental health. A body can never be fully recovered from stress unless there is a little exercise routine in it.

Yoga is one of the most effective exercises and disciplines that a person can perform to achieve his or her desired body and mental strength. It helps to eliminate any depression, reduces stress, and makes you a strong individual. By performing yoga, you become a competitive person who can easily do things others aren’t capable of. It repairs your soul, and if it is practiced in an exotic location such as somewhere in Thailand then you can achieve more than just a beautiful body and mind.

Wildcard travelling tip to Thailand

People love to travel to this amazing vacation destination. Thailand is always in high demand throughout the year as every season has its own charm. This country is also a great transport hub in Asia, as each day it receives thousands of flights from all over the world. So, finding a flight bound for Thailand is not difficult. You can even find a last minute flight ticket to the capital of this country. You can find direct flights to Thailand from London at different times of the day. If lucky, you can also get a discount on your ticket, and if you book your Thailand travel package with a travel agent, you may end up getting a rebate on accommodation and transportation as well.

I was able to find cheap flights to Islamabad from London when I visited Pakistan and her beautiful mountains last year. So, if I can, what’s stopping you?

Best yoga retreats in Thailand

Yoga has many benefits. So, for this reason, we have witnessed a great spike worldwide in its practice. The yoga travel industry has seen a great rise and Thailand has become one of the best places on earth where you can practice this meditation in a heavenly location. There are some great yoga instructors travelling in this kingdom and attending classes at different retreats. So, there is a great chance for you to attend a class, or even do it individually at an exotic location. Following are some great retreats all over Thailand where you can practice this amazing meditation.

Samahita Yoga and Fitness, Surat Thani

Boost your body’s metabolism and heal your soul at Samahita Yoga and fitness center in the province of Surat Thani. Their classes are diverse, and you can opt for either a body-weight session to restore your energy, or master the art of yoga in a much higher-level class. Their treatments prepare your body for the best challenges, renew your mental strength, and increase your physical abilities.

Chiva Som Yoga for life, Prachuap Khiri Khan

This yoga program at Chiva Som helps you to master different yoga positions. If you are a beginner entering the world of yoga, you will exit after becoming a master in it. Their practices help any individual to revitalize their mind and body, which helps them to accomplish what they used to think was impossible. It helps them to explore complete chastisements such as meditations, cleansing, pranayama, and much more.

Absolute Sanctuary Yoga, Surat Thani

This yoga retreat in Thailand is one of the best spots for all yoga enthusiasts. They offer classes to all levels of yoga practitioners. They help you to uncover the power of yoga with amazing moves. You can easily make your body more flexible, and all their trainers are certified experts. They also offer a spa, to relax your body after a strenuous yoga session.

Soneva Kiri Discover Yoga, Soneva Kiri

There are amazing classes at Discover Yoga in Soneva Kiri Thailand. This place offers you not only a great escape from all your daily stress but also a way to heal it and fight in the future with yoga practice. Embrace the serenity in the environment and focus only on your mental and physical wellbeing. Discover Yoga has also a great spa, namely Six Senses Spa, and you can get their signature therapies and Thai massages.

Kamalaya Yoga Synergy, Koh Samui

The yoga program of Kamalaya Synergy encourages you to maximize the benefits of yoga when travelling anywhere in the world. They have some highly qualified instructors that can help anyone perform yoga individually anywhere anytime. Their classes are customized and you can find a place that is best for your level. They also offer high-quality assistance on breathing and other forms of meditation that helps strengthen a soul.

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