The fee of NBA for possible expansion teams: $2.5 billion

National Basketball Association is the North American league of basketball. It is one of the most significant basketball association in the world. The teams of this league are mainly from the United States. 30 teams use to play in this league. But, there is only one team from the other country. Only one team which is from the outside of the United States is the Canadian basketball team. National Basketball Association is also one of the most expensive basketball league in the world. This league typically has a massive budget for every year.

 In every season of the National Basketball Association league, there are some most important topics. One of the most critical parts of this league is expansion. Every year, the authority and the NBA managing committee keep special attention to the fee for possible expansion in this league. According to the demand, the authority reveals its possible expansion. They use to publish their total demand for every season of this league.

The next NBA basketball league is so close. So, like every season, they fixed their fee for the next league. NBA published that they need around $2.5 billion for expansion. It looks like the NBA’s authority decided to focus on its possible expansion to gain more profit. NBA uses to increase the fee every year for more publicity and also for more profit. Every year their profit is also growing. Because the NBA is the basketball league that every basketball fan doesn’t want to miss, people worldwide use to watch and enjoy every match of this basketball league. $2.5 billion for possible expansion is the highest amount fee of the basketball league until now.  This amount will make the new record in the history of the basketball league. Yet, there are some rules to maintain the Coronavirus situation. So the amount of possible expansion can be risky.

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