The Most Effective Ways to Get Back Your Smile

Almost all health conditions have the capacity to affect the way you perform your daily activities. However, dental conditions invoke a higher level of agony and bring down your confidence to the extent that you might not want anyone to see you. Dr. Marvin Taylor DDS, a cosmetic and general dentist at Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center, has years of experience eliminating all dental challenges and giving you a smile you have been dreaming of. Some of the most effective dental procedures that he offers include dental implants, veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, and all types of cosmetic dentistry. Below is a broader view of some of these services.

  •         Crowns

A crown is a tooth cover with the shape of your tooth that entirely wraps the part of the tooth above the gum. Crowns are normally installed to give your teeth a better look, strengthen your teeth, and restore your teeth’ shape and alignment. Normally, the specialist will opt to use crowns to cover a badly shaped tooth, discolored tooth, weak tooth to prevent it from fracturing, a dental implant, or as a replacement when a small structure of your tooth remains. Crowns can have different variations of white depending on the color of your teeth.

  •         Dental Implants

There are times when your tooth is too damaged for any type of repair like dentures or crowns to work. In such a scenario, the specialist opts to do a complete tooth replacement through the use of dental implants. This implant includes a complete tooth, even the roots, and is made of material that the body doesn’t take as a foreign but rather as a part of your teeth. The procedure is done surgically, after which you are guaranteed a long-lasting solution with the implants. However, the procedure is not viable for children or teenagers because you need to have a fully developed jawbone. Your oral tissue must also be fully healthy to integrate with the implant material and prevent chances of slipping, shifting, or movement by the implant.

  •         Cosmetic Dentistry

The beauty of your smile always depends on the way your gums and teeth look. Cosmetic dentistry involves dental, medical procedures geared towards making your teeth and gum look fresh and healthy. Such cosmetic procedures offered at Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center include teeth whitening, snap-on smiles, veneers, inlays and onlays, and bonding. The dental challenges reversed through cosmetic procedures include large gaps in teeth, missing teeth, chipped teeth, broken or cracked teeth, and receding gums. To understand the best cosmetic procedure for your challenge, visit the institution where the specialist will work with you in analyzing your condition and then offer the most effective solution.

You do not have to bear the excruciating pain brought about by dental problems or hide due to the uncomfortable looks they bring. Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center guarantees you complete alleviation of your challenge through personalized and professional dental services. For more information or to get a dental procedure, visit the institution or schedule an appointment online.

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