The owner of the famous football club Manchester City buys a rear FA Trophy

Recently Sheikh Mansour has bought an FA Trophy with historical background. The famous football league, the Football Association Challenge Cup, used this trophy for its winner prize. There are many stories about this trophy, and this trophy is one of the most important parts of football history. Football Association Challenge Cup used this trophy as the first prize for 14 years. This trophy was the winner’s prize of the Football Association in 1896 for the first time. So, this trophy has a rear history. And usually, this trophy is one of the best pieces in the world. Every football lover will love to be the owner of a thing like that. Here Sheikh Mansour is the owner of a powerful football team. So, he wants to keep this thing no matter how it cost.

Sheikh Mansour is one of the biggest football lovers in the world. He loves football so far that he owns a football club. Not only that, Manchester City is one of the best football clubs in the football association. He belongs that rich to maintain the football club. So, this is normal that he will not miss the chance to keep this trophy to him. The economic value of this trophy doesn’t fact the trophy is priceless for its owner. 

Sheikh Mansour bought the trophy for $1 million. So, it is clear that this trophy means a lot to him. He can go any fat to be the owner of this trophy. The trophy is making of silver, and the color is also silver.  Manchester City won this trophy in 1906. And that time was the best time turning up. In 1906 Manchester City was the winner of this trophy and brought their glory back. It seems like they have won this trophy again.

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