The Perfect Guide To Choose The Best Crib

Parenting. Contrary to what most people believe, it doesn’t start when the baby finally arrives. Instead, it starts creeping in, in the 9 months of anticipating your baby’s entry into this world. Every step you and your partner take will have your child in mind- whether it’s the food the mother eats, the content you watch together or even the kid’s furniture you intend to purchase for the coming months. Safety and security become the second language to everything you think and do and rightly so. That’s why it’s important to start the baby’s first years in a secure, safe, cosy, comfortable environment, much like the mother’s womb- the Wakefit crib.

The Best Crib

Cribs are a crucial piece of furniture that usually forms the focal point in a children’s room or nursery. It is a small bed frame with high fencing or slats on all sides to protect the baby from falling out. It comes with a mattress that fits neatly inside the bed frame forming a cosy and comfortable space for your child to nap or play in safely. Cribs and cradles are made with utmost care with important criteria and guidelines met that keep your baby’s safety as a priority in the first few years of their life. There are many types of baby cribs online to choose from, but the best one usually has the following:

  • Sturdy frame: Cribs you choose should not wobble when you shake them and should stand sturdy instead. The perfect material for cribs is wood for the same reason.
  • Perfect mattress: Cribs should have mattresses that are dense, firm and fit perfectly in the frame without any gaps. Brands like Wakefit encourage the use of memory foam in their mattresses for its innate capability to cuddle the sleeper into the mattress without sagging in deep.
  • Wheels or no wheels: This is a personal preference. However, if you are choosing a crib with wheels, ensure these have a lock mechanism that can keep the crib stationary on wooden floors or smooth tiles.Visit The Site: khatrimaza
  • Clear, smooth finish: Cribs or cradles for children must not have any pointy corners or embellishments that could potentially harm the child.
  • Empty: A spaced out or toy free crib is a safe crib. Never leave your child alone with an overflow of stuffed toys in the crib, as it could be a potential hazard. Keep it empty or with minimal toys to play under adult supervision. If the child is asleep, it’s best to keep the crib empty of toys, fluffy blankets and too many pillows.
  • Easy to clean: A regular wet cloth should be enough to wipe the whole frame down with zero use of chemicals.

Different Types of Cribs

With so many options in the market to choose from and everyone claiming their product is the ‘safest’, it’s hard to pick the best crib. To help you choose what’s most suitable for your specific need and within budget, we’ve gathered the different types of the 10 best baby crib in 2022 available and their benefits.

  • Traditional and Standard Cribs

These are cribs that are both traditional and basic in design and function. They are perfect for the family that has plenty of space in their room and need a safe crib frame that fits their baby until 18-24month safely. These have slats that are not adjustable but may have options to move the mattress base down as the baby grows.

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  • Convertible Cribs

Probably one of the most profitable investments, convertible cribs adapt to your growing child or other needs. Smart brands like Wakefit has a spectacular product, the Wakefit Optimus Sheesham Wood Crib cum Bed cum Sofa, that, as the name suggests, shifts shape to suit the need! The wood used on the crib is durable and can last long with the care given. The transition between each use is so seamless; you’ll just have to try it to know it.

  • Multifunctional Cribs

Who doesn’t love plenty of storage space? With a baby coming on board, there’s plenty of need for space to store diapers, change of clothes, muslin cloth, bibs, sheets- the list is endless. A multifunctional crib gives you the option to invest in a large piece of furniture that has storage options at the bottom while providing a safe space for your baby to sleep in. Some brands even include a specialized diaper changing area attached to the crib, making it a one-stop for all your baby-related activities! It’s convenient and is probably the best option for those who don’t have space for multiple pieces of furniture. Ensure to measure this piece up well as they tend to be bulkier than a standard crib.

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  • Cradles

Cradles are a staple in every Indian household with a baby in them. The benefit of these is they are lightweight, smaller and are perfect for babies up to 5 months. The gentle rocking that wooden cradles offer smoothen the sleep journey of the baby too. These can be placed beside the parent’s bed and can be used until the baby rolls over. Although a short term solution, these work great for exclusively breastfeeding moms and mothers who’ve had tough labour. The lightweight factor allows them to move the cradle as required during the day. If You Need More Information Visit Moviesflix

  • Playards

The modern solution to play and sleep in is a great option for the travelling parent. It’s portable, lightweight and comes with a bendable frame that can be folded and carried. Some playards come with a padded bottom making it comfortable to seat the baby in. With the mesh sides, it’s breathable and safe for the child to play or nap in. The biggest disadvantage of this type of crib is it is not durable nor be used as a primary sleep station. Visit The Site: starmusiq

Parenting is an ever-changing and ever-evolving affair. With the growing needs of your child, it’s important to adapt to the new changes required too. Ensure to invest in furniture that can adapt to these needs and not burn a hole in your pocket. Read More About: bolly4u

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