The point guard of Orlando Magic: Markelle Fultz injury update

Markelle Fultz is one of the most famous basketball players in America. Markelle Fultz plays for the Orlando Magic basketball team. In the first quarter of the last match of Orlando Magic against Cleveland Cavaliers, while Markelle was looking for space to shoot the ball from the lane got a massive injury in his left knee. Fultz can miss the season of 2020-21 for this injury. It won’t be so good for his career. Basketball is a game where the injury is very common. But the injury can be the reason for the end of the career of a player. Fultz has torn his left ACL. Through the MRI report of Fultz, they confirmed that. Fultz had to leave the match for his injury. It was hard for him even to move, so; he had to take help from the assistance. Though Orlando Magic won that match without a point guard like Markelle Fultz, it was hard to win against a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

Markelle Fultz is a 22 years old professional basketball player. He always gives his best in the basketball ground. In the past, he also has suffered from shoulder problems. But Fultz recovered that injury and returned to the ground. This time he has got a major injury. The tear of his ACL will keep him on a long time bed rest. It can be harmful to his career. However, Fultz has a strong fan base.

Orlando Magic confirmed this news with a post on their official web page. Surely Fultz will be out of the basketball ground for a long time. Fultz is already going through the treatment. His team and fans want him to recover from the injury as soon as possible. But during his treatment, he will miss this season.

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