The Top 4 Most Annoying Wi-Fi Problems & How to Fix Them Easily

Wi-Fi and internet speeds have already improved for the past few years, thanks to technological innovation. It is projected these improvements will continue to level up in the coming years, making everyone’s life a lot easier. Data speeds now enjoy 5G connectivity while homes and offices enjoy Fibre Optic speed connectivity on their internet. 

However, everyone knows Wi-Fi is somewhat synonymous with issues. Most households, even airports and five-star hotels, suffer from bad Wi-Fi connectivity at some point. 

If you plan to set up your home Wi-Fi network, here are some of the most common Wi-Fi issues you might run into. 

1. Bogged Down Connection

Slow connection is a prevalent and very common problem everyone experiences at some point. Regardless of if it is a wired or wireless connection, slow speed is always there. If you experience a slow internet connection, either your ethernet or Wi-Fi, do not panic. It is completely normal, and there is a logical explanation of why it happens.

The most common cause is you might be too far from your Wi-Fi modem or router. Always remember the stock Wi-Fi modem you got from your internet service provider has a certain distance of wireless connectivity. 

The further you distance yourself, the slower the Wi-Fi connectivity will be. Another cause is insufficient bandwidth. This problem happens when there are three or more devices connected to the Wi-Fi network. The bandwidth is spread thinly across these devices, which results in slow internet speed. 

You can search for the best Wi-Fi Technician by searching online with the keyword ‘Wi-FI Technician Near Me’. The best advice a Wi-Fi Technician can give is to purchase a long-range router. 

2. No Connection

There are instances your Wi-Fi connection suddenly disconnects. It is frustrating, especially if you work from home. There might be a glitch that happened to cause the modem or router to stop communicating. It happens randomly, but the good thing, it is temporary. 

Also, another cause is the main internet connection suddenly disconnected. It may be isolated, or your entire area suffers a huge internet connectivity outage. 

But there are instances where your Wi-Fi modem is acting weird and suddenly disconnects. To fix this, you just need to do turn off the modem or router, wait for a minute or something and turn it back on. 

3. Cannot Connect with The Computer

For Windows 10 users, Wi-Fi problems are also very common, especially those who prefer to use a wireless connection. This problem is very similar for MacOS users wherein their computers cannot connect with the Wi-Fi network. The problem here is you need to run several diagnostics or conduct a troubleshoot to fix the Wi-Fi or to determine the root cause of the problem and restore your computer’s connectivity. 

4. Wi-Fi Does Not Connect to Mobile Devices

Another annoying Wi-Fi-related problem is having trouble connecting mobile devices, both Android and iPhone. The root cause of the problem here is the electronic device not recognizing the Wi-Fi network, especially if it is already on 5G. Most electronic devices today are still on 4G connectivity. 

It means it will have trouble connecting with modern routers and modems, which offer a faster and more convenient 5G connection. You need to determine first if your device is 5G ready or not. Also, you need to check if your router or modem has wireless options for both 5G and 4G connectivity for the devices to easily identify and connect to your Wi-Fi network. 

If you face any Wi-Fi problem, immediately search online with the keyword “Wi-Fi Technician Near Me.” 


Wi-Fi problems are a common household and office problem. Most of its problems are very easy to fix, but it would be best to consult an expert first or do thorough research when you want to fix the problem yourself. Also, identifying the most common problems makes you more prepared whenever any of these problems suddenly occur.

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