The Topmost Things You Should Know about the New TSS 482 Visa!

On March 19, 2019, the TSS (Temporary Skill Shortage) sub-class 482 visa was launched, which took the place of the 457 visa, which is no longer available. While new 457 Visa applications are no longer being accepted now, those submitted before March 19, 2019, will still be processed. The TSS visa is a type of temporary visa that can lead to permanent residency depending on various variables such as employment, age, and pay.

Stages And Flows

The TSS 482 Visa separates the list into three streams, which is a crucial feature.

  • Short-term Stream

The validity of this stream is up to two years and may only be renewed ashore once. It implies that after four years on TSS, the candidate will have to apply again offshore. It is exclusively available to STSOL-listed occupations, and there is no road to PR for short-term workers.

  • The Medium-term Stream

It grants visas for up to four years with no restriction on the number of onshore renewals. It provides a route to Australian permanent residency after three years of working for the same company. It implies that your 482 visas will be valid for up to four years if you apply through the medium-term stream.

  • Stream For Labour Agreements

This stream is for vocations that aren’t on the TSS list. The employer requests a Labour Agreement so that they can sponsor jobs that aren’t on the list.

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Testing the Labour Market

While there are numerous criteria for labour market testing, the following are the most important:

  • At least two occurrences or channels of advertising are required.
  • For at least 21 days, the job ad must be active.
  • Mentioning the position’s pay in the advertisement

If International Trade Obligations apply, you may be excluded from the Labour Market Testing. However, once the Skilling Australians Fund is in place, it will be necessary to advertise for 28 days.

The Nominated Position Has a Genuine Need

The nominated position must be on the 482 occupation list, and there must be a real need for it. The most legal cause for rejection is a failure to show that the position is legitimate and necessary for the company. The Department’s 482 occupation list is updated regularly; therefore, check the list to verify if your occupation is listed before submitting your 482 nomination application. All candidates for the 482 Visa should present excellent and well-supported nomination petitions.

Assessments Of Skills And Work Experience Requirements

To offer skills evaluations for the TSS application, a specific list of jobs is now required. The list of jobs for which skills evaluations are necessary is mostly for trade-related occupations and program and project coordinators. If the skills exams are made mandatory, applicants must ensure adequate time to complete them before submitting their visa application.

Providing All Necessary Documents

Because the employer-sponsored visas section is denying visas at an increasing rate, you must include all required papers with your application. Furthermore, there have been instances where applications have been dismissed because the business or applicant had only one or two documents lacking. Because applicants may not need to supply additional papers after completing the application, all documents must be attached to the online applications at the time of submission.


Only the medium-term stream, not the short-term stream, TSS visa is eligible for permanent residency in Australia. The temporary transition ENS 186 or RSMS 187 Visa will be used for the Medium-term Stream Visa. Applicants can apply for a permanent residence after working for three years with an authorised sponsor.

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