The US capital does not reach the tipping point after the capital riots

The people of Trump’s supporters stormed to the capital at the time of certifying Joe Biden’s election win. It was a significant loss for Donald Trump and his supporter because Joe Biden was gaining the both of smashing windows and chambers. In this violation, there are four people were dead. Among them, one woman was shot, and she died at the time of treatment. And the other three-person died after hospitalized for medical emergencies. 

After addresses Mr. Trump at the rally, the protesters turned their attention to the capital moment to make the violence. 

Penfold lives in Los Angeles, and his retied time was 2019. He works as a special contributor. And he also said he never sees that kind of violence, and in today’s time, this type of chaos is very much condemnation. It needs to stop. He also says that this occurrence is also very shocking, and he thought that all the Americans need to join with him to stop that type of violence.

This is a very much divided nation, but people are not thought that it could ever have gone to the uncontrol length. This may be the cause of storme to the capital building. 

It is also unbelievable that the president spoke to them, mainly this morning. He is the only person who gets relied upon after finish his speaking. People went to the capitol building after turned around.

Everywhere security was too tight, and every security agency tried to manage the rioters and try to close the occurrence. The capital is really under the tipping point for all these riots situations. All over the country, security tries to control everything with their capability. Hope so all this end very soon.

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