These Are the Top 10 Instagram Moms

Most people would say being a mom is a full-time job. And so is being an influencer. Yet that doesn’t stop plenty of women from doing both.

There are around 500,000 Instagram influencers working in the mommy category, according to influencer marketing platform Heepsy. And based on a Heepsy analysis of follower count, engagement rate and average likes per post, these are the top ten moms on Instagram.

1. Catherine McBroom (@catherinemcbroom)

Catherine has three children—Elle, Alaïa & Steel—and 7.6M followers on Instagram. With her husband Austin, Catherine also runs the YouTube channel The ACE Family, which has 19M subscribers who tune in to watch vlogs about their daily life. The California-based influencer also has a very high engagement rate (16%) and gets an average 1.2M likes per post.

2. Savannah Rose LaBrant (@savlabrant)

Savannah is also a mom of three, and she runs an Instagram profile and a YouTube channel to document her life with her family. Savannah is a former fashion blogger, and her love of fashion still shows through: Her Instagram shows off loads of coordinated outfits for the whole family. Savannah has 6.7M followers, 12.4% engagement, and 840K average likes per post.

3. Sthefane Matos (@sthefanematos)

Sthefane is a Brazilian influencer who posts about fashion, lifestyle and her son, Apolo. She has 9.2M followers, and 90% of them are based in Brazil. With 8.8% engagement and 800K likes per post on average, Sthefane is clearly giving her followers what they want. Like Catherine and Savannah, she also produces vlogs on YouTube.

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4. Asala Maleh (@asalamaleh)

Sensing a trend yet? In addition to Instagram, Asala also documents her family’s life on Youtube, where she runs the Ansala Family and has 11M subscribers. On Instagram she has 4.7M followers, 15.6% engagement and an average of 730K likes per post. While Asala regularly posts in English on Instagram, the family’s YouTube videos are in Arabic.

5. Goar Avetisyan (@goar_avetisyan)

Goar has 10M followers, 8.9% engagement and 910K average likes per post. Goar first got famous for being a beauty blogger, and in addition to being a mom and an influencer, she’s the founder of two brands: @goaravetisyan_beauty and @gogo_wear_. She also has her own online beauty school, which offers courses and tutorials.

6. Nadya Serov (@nadin_serovski)

This Moscow-based mama has 8.3M Instagram followers, 8.4% engagement rate and received an average 690K likes per post. Nadya posts in Russian, so it’s no surprise that around 84% of her followers come from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. With her husband Nikita, they run the clothing brand Serovski.

7. Bibi (@bibisbeautypalace)

Bibi is a mommy influencer from Germany who has 7.7M followers who come primarily from Germany, Austria and Italy. She has an engagement rate of 6.7% and gets an average 500K likes per post. Bibi posts about her family, but has also collaborated with brands like fashion retailer @sheingermany and beauty brand @mybilou.

8. Stacey Solomon (@stacysolomon)

After being a finalist on The X Factor, Stacey went on to be a mom, influencer and author. On Instagram, she has 4.4M followers, 10.4% engagement and 450K average likes per post. Stacey’s Instagram is all about her life in London with her husband, three kids and pets. She’s also a regular on the UK chat show Loose Women.

9. Carla Moreau (@carlamoreau_____)

Carla is an alum of French reality TV series Les Marseillais. With 3.5M followers on Instagram, Carla posts about fashion, beauty and her daughter, Ruby. She has an 8.4% engagement rate and gets 290K average likes per post. Carla also recently wrote a book, My Happy Book.

10. Jazz Correia (@jazztvshow)

Based in Dubai, Jazz has 3.3M followers, 7.1% engagement and an average 240K likes per post. Although Jazz posts from the UAE, she’s French, and a majority of her audience is located in French-speaking countries. Back in France Jazz also competed on reality TV series Qui veut épouser mon fils? (Who Wants to Marry My Son?)

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Mommy influencers give women everywhere the chance to see diverse families that they may not see in traditional media. With social media, anyone can tell their family’s story, as long as they’re committed enough. The women on this list do all that and more, with some of them working third jobs in addition to influencer and mom.

If you want to find more Instagram moms, or if you want to find influencers from another category, check out Heepsy.

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