They expected revenue recognition in the fourth quarter of this year

Mr. Suranat said that now RBF has been contacted by a large number of interested customers to allow the company to produce products from hemp extracts, especially CBD, where the company focuses on quality standards such as regularly As for the release of the product, it depends on the customer’s needs. But it is expected to start seeing the product’s products delivered to customers by 4Q21, a hemp-derived CBD product, and will see more product launches in 65.

“Overseas market, the use of CBD kaufen extract is used in many industries. Not just food and drink, But it extends to alcoholic beverages, food supplements, cosmetics, and animal feed. To relax the pets, It is expected that there will be many more trends, depending on product performance and reasonable price in the future. This will determine how long the trend of using CBD extracts will last in the market.”

Flag raising the level of CBD. Thailand must compete in the world market

Mr. Suranat said that in addition to the plan to expand the business related to hemp in Thailand after the company received a license from the FDA to cover all aspects of hemp products that the market needs. The plan’s next step is to make Thai CBD prices competitive on a global scale in the next 3-5 years. The fundamental strategy is to reduce costs (Cost Down) before Thailand opens the way to import CBD kaufen Abroad.

“We plan that around the third year, costs must be reduced to meet the target so that Thai CBD prices can compete with foreign ones. Although today the estimated yield is relatively low. But if it can be planted with higher yields, it will be able to reduce costs. Along with reducing the cost of planting costs or techniques used during planting, etc., Thailand is a farming country, so we think that the cost can be reduced according to the target within the specified period.”

In the case of the Office of the FDA, it will announce additional licenses to other operators. Agree that price competition is average because many companies have the potential to obtain licenses. If there is free-market competition, the price of CBD kaufen will be lower in the country and able to compete with the international market. This brings benefits to all sectors, whether it is upstream, midstream, downstream, and consumers.

Keep an eye on “Hemp” to accelerate the upside clearly in year 65, believing that this year’s performance will reach the target

As for the overall performance of RBF this year, Mr. Suranat said that the main business is food ingredients, aiming to grow in double digits every year, which this year still targets 10-12% revenue growth despite The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak new ripples continually But the company believes that it can grow as expected.

Meanwhile, the hemp business is a new upside to the company’s earnings that will see more significant growth in 65. However, the upside depends on many variables. Whether it’s about the market, price, situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, and purchasing power of consumers, According to the short-term plan, the focus will be on the domestic market first. But in the future, it will look for additional channels for organic hemp wraps markets to create long-term growth.

“It is expected that the profit potential of the year 64 will be similar. But what’s better is the hotel business cut-off, resulting in a better overall performance in the second half of the year. But at the end of this year, if there is a clear income from the hemp project, the picture here will change in a more positive direction.”

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