Things you Must Know about Autism

Before you make fun of children with autism or frown upon them, you must know that no parent likes to see his or her child being looked down upon. In fact, in San Diego autism is treated so casually that parents are not worried about their children being bullied at school or work. If you are less aware of what autism is, maybe we should begin with its meaning.

Meaning of autism:

Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, is a condition drawn down by a huge amount of challenges with socializing, communicating and behaving with self and others. It is said that every one in 54 children in the United States of America goes through autism.

Now let’s read about some of the most important things related to autism that you must learn:

Autism is noticed in adults too:

Sometimes, autism in children goes unnoticed if the symptoms are not obvious. They pop up into the eyes of people when a person has grown into a full adult. If the person refrains from being social (is a major introvert),  there is a major possibility he or she is going through autism.

It’s a myth that autism does not affect women:

Most people believe that male children and adults are affected by autism more than the females. However, it is not true that autism is gender biased. It can happen to anyone at all.

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People with autism are not crazy:

It’s not that you need to be scared of people with autism. They are very safe people to deal and go out with. In fact, people who call themselves normal often enjoy the company of beings with autism, since the former gets to talk more!

People with autism are calm:

Many times autism is confused with violence for others and self. However, it’s not that every single person with autism shows signs of violence. 

People going through autism find it difficult to get into sexual activity:

Since there is pressure of performance and people with autism cannot deal with anxiety and pressure, they often refrain themselves from socializing and end up being in the trap of autism for the rest of their lives.

If you know someone going through the issue of autism, lending a helping hand to them by finding them a good doctor would be great. Never let this problem go unnoticed and untreated. 

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