Thinking about getting away from smoking

Smoking is not just addictive, it is bad for you in many ways. It is also harming your loved ones. It is easy to get caught up in trying it and then become addicted. It is hard to stop because of that addiction. Millions of people smoke cigarettes and a lot of them want to stop but do not want to go through the struggle of doing so, or have tried but given in. Just because you have failed before does not mean you always will. You just need to find the willpower, the right motivation and the right methods that best suit you. For some that is a vape pen, moving from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes. For others, it might be medication from a doctor. The end result in your health is worth the continued efforts!

Serious health consequences

A lot of people choose to quit for medical or health reasons. There are a lot of them to consider, some more serious than others, but the big ones being increased risks for strokes, heart disease and cancer. There are more than 4000 chemicals and substances in cigarettes and the smoke that can cause cancer! As well as lung cancer, other cancers you are at risk of if you smoke are mouth cancer, pancreatic cancer and laryngeal cancer. It is not just your health either that is at risk. Your children, your partner, your parents, everyone you smoke around are at risk. People who do not smoke live longer as do the people around them.

Other benefits to giving up the cigarettes

When you stop smoking your lungs will eventually recover but it is not just your health that looks better. Your teeth will be less stained, you will smell better, your skin will look healthier, you will have more money! When you consider the cost of this bad habit and how much you can save that is almost enough motivation! Treat yourself to a holiday. Even if you move from smoking to e-cigarettes (a vape pen) you will save money as vaping does not cost as much.

So much support is available

It is no longer something you have to do cold turkey. There are a lot of aids and methods, therapies and so on. When you want to maintain the smoking motion you could try electronic cigarettes. If you like chewing gum you could try that. If you have tried things like that before and they have not worked, try therapy, hypnosis or even medication.

How to go about quitting

Some tips to think about;

  • Set a date and stick to it
  • Decide whether you are gradually reducing your nicotine intake or coming completely off
  • Have a partner so you can help each other and encourage when the withdrawal is bad
  • Tell people around you so they do not tempt you and stay away when they smoke
  • Find something to do that occupies your attention, exercise, a new hobby, anything
  • Keep healthy snacks around to avoid weight gain
  • Reward your successes

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