Tips to excel in class 6 maths Olympiad exams

Maths subject is very interesting when it comes to learning new skills and tricks. If you are familiar with advanced tricks of solving maths then this subject is not going to be that difficult. IMO or International Maths Olympiad is an exam which can give you this type of ability. Students are very eager to know how they can achieve good marks in class 6 maths olympiad exams. There are so many ways from which you can secure passing marks and more than that in olympiad but how to find the right one this can be a confusion for every student out there. You can also refer to Class 6 IMO Question Paper 2013 for help or you can take help from an expert. To make this process more easy and smooth, we decided to give you some tips to excel in class 6 maths olympiad exams so that you can get what you want. These tips are based on the deep research which we have done for you and prepared a list. If you want to get problem solving and analytical skills then it is a must go through all points here.

Let’s talk about some important tips which can help you to get good marks in the class 6 maths olympiad.

  • Prepare your syllabus and check the entire content thoroughly. Don’t miss any single point because everything is important in the olympiad test. You need to know your syllabus completely because it is the main pillar of this competition. Being unaware can cause you some issues while giving an exam or preparing for it so your first responsibility should be to check the syllabus and prepare your study according to that.
  • Don’t just remember anything because olympiad exams are completely based on concepts. They will not ask the same question given as in your book. It can be possible that the question you are solving is the same as your book but its way of asking will be very different which can confuse you. This confusion will lead to a mistake and you will give the wrong answer. So, focus on concepts more because when your concept will be clear, you can answer anything within a few seconds.
  • Take note of your doubts and ask your teacher. If any questions have more confusion and you are not able to solve them then don’t leave it in between. Ask your teacher about it and if they are not available, just make a note about it and search on the internet. Focusing on doubts will help you to develop more analytical skills and you will not make any mistakes in the exam hall.
  • A study plan is one of the important aspects of the competition exam. You can prepare it as per your requirements. Just make sure that it should be followed by you regularly otherwise there will be no use of it. You can take help from your parents or online resources in making a study plan. Planning helps us to organize everything and because of that we will be able to complete the entire syllabus on time and no loss will be there.
  • Previous year question papers of class 6 maths will be very helpful for you during the preparation of maths olympiad. These papers will give you an idea of the pattern of the paper and you will be able to understand the complete scenario. So, it is necessary to solve those question papers and it will also enhance your time management and give you the skills for giving exams in the hall.
  • There is also a need for giving an olympiad exam that is vocabulary. You have to work on that too for gaining the best marks in the exam. It doesn’t matter what subject you have chosen. You must know new English words because sometimes on the paper you will face some unique words and if you are not able to understand them then your answer can be wrong. So, work on your vocabulary and you will get the resource for it from the internet.
  • Giving a mock test is the best thing you can do while preparing because it will also help you to manage everything like exam hall. If you are a student who is giving an exam for the first time then you should have the knowledge of the process, time, OMR sheet and pattern. For this, there is a facility of mock tests which is specially designed for the first attempt. Many students make mistakes in the OMR sheet while giving exams so to avoid that you can give a mock test online.
  • Develop your skills for better results in this competition. The Olympiad exam is all about skills and creativity. It doesn’t matter how much have you learned, you should have the skills to solve any type of question within the time limit. So the demand is only good skills and management of time. For improving your skills, you can join a skill development program or work on your mathematical ability at your convenience. This will make your preparation more strong and you can give exams with full confidence.
  • Stay focused and don’t be afraid of the question type. As we have already been told that every question will be from your book but the way will be different. So, there is no need for you to be afraid or nervous, you just have to look at the question carefully and solve them with your analytical skills. 


We have provided some tips to excel class 6 maths olympiad. These tips will help you a lot if you are focused. Competitive exams are not difficult, you just have to keep the focus on them. Giving this exam will also help you to perform in your school very well so it’s a suggestion to every student out there, you should participate in the olympiad exam. We hope this was quite helpful and useful for you. 

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