Top 5 Benefits Of Selling Software On The AWS Marketplace


For software companies, AWS is a great platform to sell their software to AWS account holders. Apart from the sellers, the AWS users also rely on this marketplace up to a certain level.

There are several benefits that AWS marketplace offers to the software sellers. Here in this article, I will let you know about those benefits so that you can make up your mind in favor of it. You also can check How to sell on AWS and Why to sell on AWS.

Top 5 Benefits Of Selling Software On The AWS Marketplace

Here are the top 5 benefits that you will be able to utilize if you are selling software on the AWS marketplace.

1. Visibility And Credibility

Among the large community of all the AWS users, the product listing in this marketplace offers excellent visibility. This is the result of the placement of AWS in the market. Isn’t it a significant advantage?

In addition to this, the search tool of this marketplace organically revealed relevant products to all the potential customers. AWS customers are also confident about the listed software vendors of AWS.

Before listing any product, the AWS Training team reviews and scans the products, thus customers always know that they are going to buy AWS-approved products.

2. Billing And Deployment

AWS marketplace is responsible for taking care of all billing, deployment, and range for software products, which are sold as AMIs. Through AWS marketplace, they are sold. And vendors are also provided with monthly payments.

Here, all the AWS marketplace vendors not only avoid the costs and hassle associated with all these activities, but also all of their customers are able to experience an easy and smooth billing process. And they are already familiar with this.

3. Flexible Pricing Options

On an hourly or monthly basis, all the products that are sold as AMIs through the AWS marketplace are billed. So, the software vendors do not need to develop a billing infrastructure and software deployment system.

For cloud protection, when the monthly billing options are chosen, some other products like Big Data applications, which develop computational workloads, usually prefer hourly-based pricing. In this scenario, as per the number and type of instance used, the customers are charged.

4. Free Trial With Annual Subscriptions

Those companies that are leveraging hourly-based pricing are able to offer built-in free trials through the AWS marketplace to their customers rather than developing their own trial infrastructure.


After the expiration of the free trial version, the customers transitioned to the paid subscription. For the products that are sold on an hourly basis, the AWS Marketplace has offered a new option, the annual subscription payment model.

This model is not only hassle-free and automatic but also allows the companies to offer discounts while receiving more revenue upfront to long-term customers.

5. Delivery, Tracking, And Usage Reports

There is a mechanism in the AWS marketplace, which ensures that only the employees of all the subscribed companies to your listed products only be able to use it. And that, too, along with the AWS cloud.

The termination of instances is required in case they want to unsubscribe. This amazing marketplace comes with automatic reports, which tell about the customers with subscriptions.

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Being an evolving platform, AWS marketplace is offering great service and also updating itself on a regular basis. But still, there are some drawbacks that are needed to be fixed on an urgent basis. AWS is working on all of them. But the benefits that this very marketplace offers are much more than what it is not offering till now. And it is believed that very soon it will come up with all the needed additional features.

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