Top 5 similar image search websites available on internet

Do you want to find the original picture based on an existing picture, or find the original big picture based on a small thumbnail?

The following ten search engines can help you realize, find pictures by pictures, search pictures by pictures, and search similar pictures by pictures.

1: is a typical search engine for finding images by image. Inputting the image on the local hard disk or inputting the image URL will automatically help you search for similar images. The search accuracy is relatively satisfactory.

The main purposes of this tool are: 1. Discover the source and related information of pictures; 2. Research and track the spread of picture information on the Internet; 3. Find high-resolution versions of pictures; 4. Find the web page with your photo; 5. Look at the different versions of this picture.


Baidu officially launched its latest search function-” Recognition Picture ” This function is based on Baidu’s similar picture recognition technology, allowing users to upload a local picture or enter the URL address of the picture, and Baidu will analyze the image characteristics according to the image characteristics, and then search for similar picture resources and information content from the Internet. But it should be noted that when the user uploads a local picture, the file of the picture must be less than 5M, and the format can be JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and other picture files.

3: GazoPa has been shut down.

When GazoPa searches for pictures, it does not search based on keywords, but based on certain characteristics of the picture itself (such as color, shape, etc.) There are four ways to search in GazoPa:

The first is the traditional search for images by keywords, but in the traditional image search field, GazoPa and search engines such as Google cannot compete.

The second is the innovative search for pictures through pictures, but GazoPa cannot compete with TinEye in this area. TinEye can easily search for some results that are closest to the original image, while GazoPa’s search results often fail to match the original image at all.

The third is to search for pictures by hand-drawn pictures, which is actually not very useful. Although GazoPa has some shortcomings, it can be regarded as a very original search engine. GazoPa is currently in the internal testing stage. If you want to join the test, you can leave your email address on the official website, and you can test it after receiving the invitation.

The fourth is to search for videos through video thumbnails. GazoPa can find related videos with only one video thumbnail. As long as there is a screenshot, you can find the screenshot of the video!


Image search in Google Labs: After entering a keyword, such as “lake”, click on the Similar images below a certain image in the returned page, and use Google’s similar image search engine to search all similar images for you instantly , Displayed to users for viewing. Its accuracy rate and similarity rate are relatively high.


Picitup is a professional image search engine that has just started public testing. It has very powerful functions and supports Chinese keyword search. It is a good choice for domestic image lovers. Picitup mainly supports keyword search, but in its featured search item-Celebritymatchup, you can search by uploading local photos, but the results are generally disappointing. Picitup can filter pictures by selecting a filter method on the search results page, for example, you can filter search results by four categories: color, avatar (face), landscape, and product.

The biggest feature of Picitup is to provide similar picture search, that is, to find the initial picture by keywords, click on the similar pictures button below the initial picture to search for pictures similar to the picture. Its essence is the same as similar image search in Google Labs.

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