Top Secrets To Deal With An Attention Seeker Child

Attention is the basic requirement for every kid, whether they are toddlers, kids, or even young children. Every child craves attention especially from their mother as it gives them comfort and happiness. But parents somehow are not able to pay attention to their child due to their busy work schedule or because the child is constantly showing tantrums. This might make your child feel left out and at the same time, this might make them feel cranky. The reason behind an attention seeker child is existing negligence from the parents’ part. To avoid this you can order sugar free cake delivery in Jaipur. Keep reading to know everything about an attention seeker child.

What kind of behavior is shown by an attention seeker child?

Well, an attention seeker child might throw a lot of tantrums on your part which you need to deal with. But if the tantrum-throwing game becomes a regime; you will have to treat this in your way. There are some tantrums thrown by the child to seek your attention.

  • Showing up fake wounds or creating one to seek attention
  • Constantly asking for toys or demanding kids’ stuff such as drawing books, colors, etc.
  • Trying to show superiority among other children
  • Fighting from other children just to seek parents’ attention
  • Playing the victim card

What are the types of attention craved by children?

·                 Positive Attention

Give your youngster words of encouragement or positive reinforcement if you notice him doing anything positive. This is referred to as “positive attention.” Small cheerful doodles or messages in their notebooks or lunch boxes work just as well as a slap on the back, a gentle hug, words of praise, and small smiley doodles or notes in their lunch boxes. Treat your child to cakes by getting a discount on cakes.

·                 Negative Attention

You may chastise your child if he misbehaves and you become irritated as a result. Negative attention is the kind of attention you’re providing your child right now. This can take the form of reprimands, lectures, or penalties. If your child is actively seeking your attention, this form of negative attention will not work to minimize, but rather to escalate, his misbehavior. As a result, it will become a vicious cycle of ongoing mischief and unfavorable attention from you.

·                 No Attention

While you pay little attention to your child when he or she is doing anything wonderful, it signifies you are only paying attention when he or she is misbehaving, and you are missing out on his positive attention behavior. Two brothers, for example, who are normally chaotic or destructive, are quietly watching TV together. This beneficial change is not acknowledged or responded to by their parents. This is an example of obliviousness. If the boys misbehave again, though, the parents are quick to notice and respond with a reprimand.

What You Should Do?

Attempt to ignore. If your child is shouting, crying, or otherwise making a disturbance, don’t be afraid to tell him that he won’t get any chocolate or additional TV time as a result of his behavior and that you’ll listen to him after he calms down.

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