Top Ways to Resolve Your RCN Internet Outage Issues

RCN Internet is one of the most prominent internet service providers (ISPs) that offer a variety of packages at reasonable prices. It has a wide pool of customers who are extremely satisfied with everything RCN has to offer and the company has so far gained some pretty amazing reviews from everyone.

Keeping that in mind, we should also consider the possibilities of minor errors that are sometimes inevitable. Events such as outage problems bring everyone under a lot of stress and inconvenience. In today’s times, when we face diverse issues and go through tumultuous times due to political and environmental conditions, we also have to face some of its side effects.

Outage issues that are mainly caused by a power breakdown or a failure in equipment have more than one reason behind them. With RCN, things are almost perfect, but we cannot argue the fact that customers might stumble upon a situation where they face an outage problem once in a blue moon.

To deal with these disturbing situations RCN has always followed protocols to take rapid action and resolve it as soon as possible. However, sometimes these problems are even out of the hands of your service provider. And to make you understand this, here are some reasons that explain the possible causes of your internet outage.

  • Problem in Linking To the ISP

Most of the time the outage problem occurs from bad weather conditions and it always ends up leaving you high and dry with your internet connection. If you live in areas where it’s windy and extreme snowfall happens, you might face this issue a lot. 

This situation brings a major effect on the linkage between the ISP server and your device. It is simply interrupted by the winds or the rains and can cause severe outage problems. These issues are usually solved after the weather is under control.

  • Network Congestion

Network Congestion is also pretty common and in today’s time when everyone is bound in the house and the whole family is using the same internet connection, some of you might experience network congestion. 

Here the internet faces the outage problem because multiple devices are utilizing the same network at the same time. It puts a load on the connection and you might go through this situation in public places as well.  The best way to deal with this is by not using the internet during peak hours.

Ways to Resolve Your RCN Internet Outage Issues

Before giving a call to your ISP, you might just need to take a breath and follow some possible, effective methods to resolve the situation by yourself.

Here is the step by step methods for you to solve your outage problems.

Step #1: Check

Firstly, when you face an outage problem you should start by checking all the wiring and the connections. There is a possibility that any wire might not be connected properly or is damaged from somewhere. Plus, you should also make sure that there is no external factor causing the outage such as electrical breakdown, equipment failure, weather condition, or so on.

Step #2: Reboot

Next up, when you are sure that everything is right on track and there is nothing that can be a reason for the outage other than the network itself, you should just simply try rebooting your router or modem. More than half of these outage issues are solved by just rebooting the network. After rebooting, make sure to wait a little while before reconnecting your device to the internet.

Step #3: Refresh

In case the rebooting doesn’t work, you can also try refreshing your device and its internet connection. Try to restart your cell phone, laptop, or system again, or just reconnect the internet connection. Sometimes IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are causing issues and once you refresh the connection, it allows you a new IP address. This can easily solve your problem within seconds.

Step #4: Get Help

In this last step when you are done trying everything and still the connection doesn’t reinstall, the next best thing you can do is to call the RCN customer service. They are available to answer all your inquiries around the clock even in the holidays and will recommend you the best way out of a messy situation like an outage.

The Bottom Line

RCN is always available to help you in any situation plus they have quite an impressive record of keeping their customers satisfied. So if you have any issues either regarding the outage or any other problem make sure to give them a call and share your concerns. We are sure they will be happy to assist! 

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