Treatment Options for Spider Veins

Spider veins are tiny, thin veins that appear on the surface of your skin, especially on the legs and face. They may appear as lines, webs, or branches and have blue, purple, or red coloring. You can feel an itching or burning sensation if you have spider veins. Veins contain valves that prevent blood going to the heart from flowing back. Spider veins in Bakersfield occur when these valves become damaged and blood pools in the veins, resulting in bulges or branches. Although spider veins are harmless, there are many treatment options, and here are some.

Compression socks or stockings

You can wear unique compression socks on your lower legs to pressure the veins. This pressure improves blood flow and prevents the further occurrence of spider veins. Compression stockings can also relieve inflammation and reduce the presence of blood clots on your legs. Wear properly fitting socks for effective results.


Sclerotherapy is a process where your doctor injects an irritant directly into the spider veins. This injection will irritate the vein walls, leading them to stick together and prevent blood from flowing into that area. This procedure lowers inflammation and causes the spider veins to shrink. The spider veins will vanish over time though several treatments can be done for effective results. For more information visit this site: superratmachine

Closure system

The closure system involves your specialist injecting a sticky substance into the affected veins. This sticky matter prevents blood flow, causing the spider vein to disappear gradually. The process does not require anesthesia. You need to wear compression socks for several weeks after this procedure. The spider veins will fade slowly and can take up to six weeks.

Laser treatment

A laser is a rigid, focused beam of light that causes your spider vein to clot and dry up. Laser treatment works when your spider veins are less than three millimeters and close to your skin surface. This method is minimally invasive. You may require one to three treatments to get complete results. Keep the treated area from the sun to prevent reappearing of spider veins.

Endovenous laser therapy (EVLT)

Endovenous laser therapy is a newer spider and small varicose veins treatment method. Your specialist will use local anesthesia around the spider vein, make a small cut in the affected vein and then insert a laser fiber. This laser subjects heat directly to the vein causing it to collapse. It may take you months or even a year for the spider vein to disappear.

Lifestyle changes

Some lifestyle changes can help treat spider veins, such as weight loss if you are overweight, walking, and good skin hygiene. Wearing shoes with reduced heels can help tone your muscles and improve blood flow in your veins. Physical activities like running or jogging improve your muscle tone. Routine elevation of your legs also improves blood flow.

The fact that spider veins are tiny, they respond well to treatments. Spider veins are harmless, but you can treat them for cosmetic reasons. Self-care practices like exercise and sunscreen can help supplement treatment methods. Schedule an appointment at Heart Vascular and Leg Center for noninvasive treatment of your spider veins.

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