Types Of Criminal Charges That Can Be Made Against A Person

Getting charged with a crime can be a heart-stopping moment. Many changes in your life will happen. You can have permanent records on sites like Lookupinmate or may even have a hard time finding a job once cleared.

. Even law-abiding citizens of the country may find themselves being charged with a crime because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wondering about the types of criminal charges that can be made against someone? Here’s a rundown.

Crimes Against A Person

You can get charged with a crime in Toledo against a person. Such charges can be meant for either physical or mental harm against a person. It can take the form of homicide or violent crimes. If there is physical harm that is so severe that it has caused death, several types of criminal charges can be brought in including first-degree murder, vehicular homicide, manslaughter. Under this, our view also falls crimes like assault and battery, domestic abuse, child abuse, rape and statutory rape, kidnapping, domestic violence, and arson.

Financial Crimes

This is a very important type of criminal offense that you can be charged with. Financial crimes usually involve financial fraud for financial gain. Many white-collar crimes are of this nature. However, financial crimes are not limited to any particular industry. Anyone from any sector can be charged with these crimes. It includes blackmail, fraud, cybercrime, tax evasion, money laundering, and embezzlement.

Inchoate Crimes

These are crimes that were initiated but not completed and include things like aiding and abetting, conspiracy and attempt. While just having the intention of committing a crime will not have criminal charges slapped on a person, if he goes and makes an attempt on that crime but does not complete the task, then criminal charges can still be filed against him. Punishment is usually less severe than other criminal offenses but in some cases, punishment is on the level of a proper crime.

Crimes Against Property

You can get charged for crimes against property as well. These will typically involve any kind of interference made with the property that belongs to someone else. Theft crimes like grand larceny, burglary, auto theft, shoplifting, and robbery are included. This type includes crimes that relate to property and the physical and mental harm caused due to the interference.

Statutory Crimes                                                                          

These are the types of crimes that are proscribed by the statute. The most important of these types of crimes are alcohol-related crimes, traffic offenses, and drug crimes. Such crimes are statute because as a society, they are highly prohibited and individuals are deterred from committing them. Whether it is drunk driving or minors in possession of alcohol, such crimes are considered to be against the laws of society.

The Right Lawyer Makes a Difference                         

If you or a person you love has been charged with a crime, taking the help of a criminal defense lawyer as early as possible is crucial. Representing oneself in court against a criminal offense is just not the right thing to do when a wrong step can prove to be very costly.

An attorney who has the expertise in the particular type of criminal charge you are up against is the best choice.

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