Types of Online Teaching Platforms

In recent times, the Ed-tech industry has witnessed a massive growth spurt, owing to the pandemic. Schools and university campuses were closed shutting millions of students and educators out of the classroom. This obviously led to an increase in the demand for alternative teaching methods. Consequently, the teaching market witnessed a large influx of live teaching apps and platforms. Many teachers today, wish to revive their career as online teachers but are confused with lots of options out there. As of now, there are more than 4000 online teaching platforms in India. More than 400 of these were developed in the last 2 years alone. Naturally, the multitude of options available would make anyone’s head spin. In order to select the best app to teach online, firstly you should know about different types of online teaching platforms which exist. Thereafter, you shall be able to make an informed decision about the type of teaching platform that best suits your requirements and teaching goals. So, without further delay, we present to you, the different types of online teaching platforms….

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e-learning Websites-

These are shared websites that host numerous courses from different teachers. They act like an e-commerce site, intermediaries between course providers and students. Unlike live teaching apps, courses on an e-learning website contain mainly pre-recorded lectures, notes, and assessment tests with no option for live teaching generally. They may be either free or paid.

Live Teaching Apps-

Live teaching apps, as the name suggests are online teaching platforms that allow teachers to take their classes to face to face with the students like teaching in offline class. These are some of the best app to teach online as live classes help in increasing interaction and provide an active learning environment. It also gives teachers, tools to create an interactive course, store them, manage profiles, report student marks & progress along with features like automated attendance, automated fee-collection, and many other functionalities essential for online teaching. There are some free live teaching apps that provide simplistic features like online teaching through mobile and digital whiteboards.

Massive Open Online Courses-

MOOCs have become an increasingly popular means of learning online. They are remote online courses designed in form of recorded lectures, webinars, etc. that are accessible worldwide mostly for free. Some MOOCs have a nominal fee but generally, they provide a certificate on completion of the course. They have become a hit among students & professionals alike, owing to the flexibility of fully remote and self-paced learning they provide along with high-quality content and certifications.

Online Consultation and Doubt-solving platforms-

There are many online teaching platforms that provide consultation to students and resolve their queries. These platforms generally don’t create courses of their own or provide features that live teaching apps provide to online teachers, but they are beneficial to students as they guide them through specific hurdles in their studies. Some platforms upload detailed solutions to student FAQs (frequently asked questions). These platforms are generally free of cost for students.

Group-Based Learning portals-

Many online platforms are built on the premise of peer-to-peer learning. Students can form study groups online which help them in navigating through and learning a subject together through active discussion and peer review, generally under the supervision of a mentor. This type of e-learning provides an active learning environment to students and helps them develop skills like confidence, teamwork and inculcates critical thinking.

Custom Built Online Teaching portals-

These online teaching platforms are fully customized and specific to the needs of the teacher or organization. They provide top-notch features and compatibility and are hands-down the best app to teach online. But, they are not feasible for most teachers, especially private tutors as there are already many excellent live teaching apps out there that provide almost everything an educator could ask for. So, getting a customized online teaching platform is in some ways an overkill… as it provides just a little more compatibility compared to free live teaching apps already out there, but it will put a big dent on your wallet and its development is a very time taking process.

So, these are some chief types of online teaching platforms that you need to comb through in order to choose the best app to teach online that is suited to your specific teaching requirements.

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