Types of Regenerative Medicine in Clifton

Are you looking for a treatment for your damaged skin or body parts? You all must have had some injury or accident; every injury caused in such situations is difficult to heal and takes a lot of time. So, are you looking for more efficient and surgery-free healing with a less evident scar? The answer is regenerative medicine. In this blog, we will discuss Clifton regenerative medicine.

Stem cell therapy

You all must have heard the word stem cell. What exactly is it? Stem cells are the body cells taken from your body or your very close relatives like a sibling; these stem cells are extracted with modern medical machinery and then injected directly into the injured or defected body part. These are more commonly used for spinal disc repair to treat back pain.

Cartilage Regeneration

Cartilage is more or less like a pliable bone present in our external ear, nasal septum, cartilages in the neck (thyroid cartilage, cricoid cartilage). This therapy aims at healing damaged cartilage. Although the cartilage doesn’t heal well because it doesn’t have a constant blood supply. Healing cartilage is difficult but not impossible. You can consider it an alternative if you have any such issues.

Platelet-rich plasma 

Platelets and plasma are components found in your blood, having a good repair potential. They are most commonly used to repair tendon injuries. In this, blood is drawn from your body and processed in machines to extract platelets and plasma. Doctors then use them for repair purposes.


The word seems to be quite complicated, but the procedure is simple in which the doctor injects a watery solution like normal saline and dextrose into the injured area. The liquid solution acts as an irritant to the injured site triggering your body’s healing response. As a result, the body will form new cells to repair the injured area.


Although regenerative medicine is an upcoming field and science effectiveness, different studies supporting its efficacy in injury repair have proven helpful. Its complications are minimal.

Damaged spinal discs and knee injuries create a lot of pain and are difficult for you to live everyday life, so this can prove to be a challenge to people like you.

Please consult your doctor at the right time and ask him how these procedures can help you.

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