Unconventional sources of income you should try

Finding a regular job from nine to five these days might rhyme with mission impossible. Or even if you have one, there are great chances you are struggling to make your ends meet.

And not to mention that some small life pleasures like traveling and eating out at the restaurant might also be out of reach, not just in the pandemic circumstances.

Fortunately, there are some unconventional but accessible and lucrative methods of earning extra money. We are sharing them with you in this article.

Pet sitting

What can be the cutest way for earning passive income than pet sitting? If you are experiencing long days at home due to the layoff or reduced working horse, you can find a furry friend to take care of. Just register on the specialized website, and without even no experience, you will find your happiness.

However, some pet owners search for professional pet caretakers (and you can become one). But there are also owners with fewer requirements. So if you are an animal lover, this job will tickle your fancy.

Visit the site Pii-email.

Online trading

No, you don’t need a Yale degree in finances to become a successful trader. The living proof is the thousands of online traders from different backgrounds worldwide flooding the online trading platforms, making money pour at their account thanks to the accessibility of financial markets.

The most prominent ones are the crypto market, foreign currency market, and of course, the inevitable stock market. But how to start online trading, you might be wondering.

Suppose you are into currency trading. Then, you need to take some time for research to find a regulated Forex broker. It’s your trading intermediary which purpose is to educate you, enable practicing if you are a beginner, and offer you the best possible trading conditions, customer support, and user-friendly trading platform.

Renting your stuff

You can rent anything on the internet today, not just rooms and cars. You can rent all those stuff you don’t use and are sitting in the dark corner of your garage. People are usually looking for gardening tools and power tools and things such as musical instruments, kitchen utensils, and many more.

Get paid to walk

Yes, this sounds too weird. But in fact, it is entirely possible to make money by walking. Suppose you are into a healthier lifestyle and want to start with physical activity but always finding excuses due to lack of motivation.

The companies are willing to pay you to use their apps for counting numbers of steps during the walks like Lympo, People Walker, and many more.


If you are a car owner and used to driving long distances, you can help people commuting by offering carpooling service. Make your trip funnier for you and earn money by doing so. Also, if your car is picking up the dust in your garage most of the time, think of renting it.


There is something for everyone’s preferences when it comes to alternative money-making ways. Maybe they can’t be a long-term solution but will for sure help you get rid of some money-related stress by at least slightly improving your financial situation on a monthly level. Or why just slightly, online trading has made many earn a sustainable living thanks to their perseverance and appropriate mindset.

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