US pediatricians alarmed a rare illness which is connected with COVID-19

MIS-C is one kind of inflammatory syndrome, and the pediatricians indicate this. This syndrome is predominantly found in children and is also develops in children with COVID-19. Days and weeks after the syndrome infection, it develops slowly.

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Doctors are unknown about it, but they said that it could have a long-term impact on one’s health. Doctors are warning parents to take care of and keep a lookout for their children.

Natalie was a playful and joyful child, and she is fur years old. But within one day, she was lethargic and fatigued. Her mother was told that the illness of her child starts with fever in August. The family of the child did not understand what was happening there. But they thought that she’d been exposed to COVID-19 from a family member. But the matter is a family member was get well before one month.

So the child becomes fatigued and feels extra tired at that time. And the matter is when Salaz’s daughter barely lay in bed and barely ate, that time the problem becomes increase. But day by day, salaz thinks that something is seriously wrong because her daughter’s eyes look bloodshot red.

In doctor saying this is a severe condition which is attack by a virus. We find some symptoms of COVID -19. But the other symptom is a very mild case. For this, an infectious disease specialist can give a solution.

This mild symptom is very dangerous. Because the infection itself is long gone, and the child’s body starts to react with it.

With the report of CDC, at least 23 children have died in these complications of MIS-C. The symptoms can be harmful and mild and get worse day by day. The doctor tries to find out the solution.

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