Useful Outline of High-strength Concrete for Large Concrete Construction

Concrete with higher compressive strength than commonly used concrete is called high-strength concrete. High-strength concrete is increasingly being applied to columns and civil engineering structures of high-rise buildings, such as bridges. Compared to ordinary concrete, high-strength concrete can reduce the cross-section of members, reducing the weight burden and ensuring a large span.

In addition, the low water-cement ratio makes it dense and highly durable concrete. But it has a large amount of cement and low water content. So it is highly sticky, and work efficiency deteriorates. When using a pump truck, you will need to be careful because the pumping force tends to be insufficient.

Whatever, if you are interested to know about high-strength concrete, you can read this guide from top to bottom. The article will describe everything about high-strength concrete. Also, if you are ready to do concrete construction, you can visit this site.

What are the Features of High-strength Concrete?

The amount of water is small:

One of the characteristics of high-strength concrete is the small amount of water. Increase the amount of cement during manufacturing to reduce the amount of water.

High-strength concrete has a small amount of water, which affects work. Care must be taken when operating a pump truck that pumps concrete under pressure due to its high viscosity.

Also, there is no loss when using a concrete bucket due to a load of pressure, unlike a pump truck. But it takes time to drive, so careful consideration is required when planning. When constructing high-strength concrete, pay special attention to the amount of water.

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Manufactured in a general ready-mixed concrete factory:

It can make High-strength concrete in the same ready-mixed concrete factory as ordinary concrete. With the current demand for skyscrapers, the production volume at ready-mixed concrete factories seems to have increased considerably.

However, the future may be near when many companies will carry out manufacturing and quality control at each factory and start new high-strength concrete with strength that meets the needs.

Pillars can also be strengthened:

The pillars of a skyscraper apartment building use this concrete because it requires several times normal strength. Since high-strength concrete has high strength, it is possible to increase the distance between columns and reduce the cross-sectional dimensions.

Indeed, this makes it possible to reduce the area of ​​the pillars and secure an ample living room space, increasing the degree of freedom in the flat space. In addition to skyscrapers, the range of construction targets such as halls and indoor facilities will expand. It is also earthquake resistant and can provide sufficient protection against earthquakes and typhoons.

What are the Advantageous Facts about High-strength Concrete?

Improves earthquake resistance:

Seismic performance can be improved by using high-strength concrete. High-strength concrete has increased strength by blending less water. In addition, it can expect a further seismic performance by combining with high-strength reinforcing bars and using seismic control members.

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You can build a large building:

Large buildings can be built using high-strength concrete because it can create ample space by increasing the distance between columns. Since high-strength concrete has high strength, it can be installed by widening the space between columns.

Therefore, it is possible to create ample space. It has become possible to build high-rise buildings and large-scale facilities with heights that could not be achieved with conventional ordinary concrete. But it is also used for the construction of sports facilities and structures that emphasize design.

Conclusion Remarks:

High-strength concrete is characterized by a large amount of cement used and the extremely small amount of water. Therefore, technical elements are required to ensure workability during construction.

Therefore, the implementation of compaction during high-strength concrete construction refers to the work performed so that the concrete can be filled in every corner. Specifically, a vibrator is used. Due to its high stickiness, the compaction range tends to be reduced. For construction work, you can buy hi vis work shirts.

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