Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for nerdy boyfriend

Roses are red, the sky is blue, Valentine’s Day is coming, and you didn’t think about your gift shopping. Valentine’s Day is approaching us at a cheetah’s speed and we better gear up with our gift shopping before we end up wishing your Valentine empty-handed. Looking for the perfect online valentine gifts to pamper our Valentine can become a daunting task for us, especially when shopping for a nerdy boyfriend. The thing with a nerdy boyfriend which makes it challenging to shop for them is they are very particular when it comes to liking something; it needs to be something particularly of their choice to pamper them in the manner they will appreciate. So before you go out shopping for your nerdy boyfriend make sure to give a vivid thought to what he will genuinely end up appreciating, when gifted or just read on to take some cues and start shopping for him. 

  1. Set of Novels: If he likes to read, then we bet he would have loved you for choosing to pamper him with a set of novels of his favourite genre. All you got to do is figure out what kind of novels or books he prefers to read and then look for the same over some online or over some offline bookstores. He is definitely going to fall for such a gesture being a nerd. 
  2. GOT Signature Wine Glasses: Who doesn’t like watching the Game Of Thrones series? Everyone did! Which is why, if you guy is a GOT fanatic, then he is pretty sure he is going to love being gifted with some GOT Signature wine glasses. He can sip some wine as we rewatch all those series along with you. It will be one of the perfect ways to celebrate your Valentine’s Day over an ideal gift for a die-hard GOT fan.
  3. Succulent – Nerdy people are often seen to socially inactive people, which is why low maintenance succulents can end up making a gift or their best friend (obviously, other than you). You choose to gift a succulent like Jade, Hoya Sweetheart, or Crassula form some online or offline nursery. Look for such succulents which come potted in a romantic or quirky pot to notch up your act of gifting green.
  4. Bluetooth Beanie: Valentine’s Day falls during the chilly winter month of February, which is why a beanie will help him stay warm and stylish both at the same time. But we would suggest you gift him a Bluetooth beanie with a built-in microphone to listen to songs and talk for long hours without having to open the beanie. A Bluetooth beanie is a wonder and is readily available at some gadget store. 
  5. Star Wars Cookie Jar: Late night studying and diving deep into the world of books would result in his urge to digging to relish some cookies. Hence, being a crazy Star Wars fan, he will very much appreciate you for choosing to gift him a quirky Star Wars cookie jar filled with some freshly baked cookies. His late-night munching scenes will finally be sorted. 
  6. Sneaker Shoes: Is his style statement is very laidback or casual sort of? Then, gift him a pair of nice sneaker shoes which will comfort him. Ensure the sneaker shoes you gift him are of a good shoewear brand and is durable to last longer. Don’t forget to opt for some colours of him as you go shoe shopping for him.

So, these were some of our suggested picks. Let us know what was your favourite and with which one is your planning to go with? 

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