Ways to Get Good Marks in Class 11 English Exam

Most of the students have a huge fear of English subject but it is an easy and scoring subject. English is one of the important subjects in Class 11. Many students are in a dilemma since they are not confident about their scores. The students have to do their best in their examinations to obtain a good score in English subjects. There are no shortcuts for scoring high in English, all they have to do is to focus on the subject even more. 

The English question paper for Class 11 is divided into four parts. It includes Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Literature. To obtain a high score, here are some of the steps for the students to manage their studies efficiently. 

Study tricks for Class 11 English

Here are some of the important strategies which students can use to prepare for their examination in a better way to score high.

Know the curriculum 

The first and foremost step for studying efficiently is to know the latest curriculum of the English subject for Class 11. The students must follow the pattern provided by the board. For instance, in the CBSE board of schools, students are suggested to follow the NCERT Books Class 11 English Snapshot PDF to score maximum marks in their examinations.

Know the fundamentals

The students must have a basic understanding of the English subject which you can acquire from the NCERT solution books. This basic knowledge about the subject would help the students to make their sentences, read the given sentences without any mistakes, and also help to write a sentence without grammatical errors. 

Make reading a daily habit

Reading is a good exercise to be followed. If a student wants to be fluent in English both in reading and writing, they should make reading a daily habit. Reading helps them to know many new words and also improves their vocabulary.

Aware of sample papers

Once a student is aware of the curriculum and fundamentals of English subjects, they should get some sample question papers to know about the pattern in which the questions are asked. Students must try to attempt the questions in the sample paper to check their ability.

Analysing the ability

Attempting the sample question papers would not help much. As the students must get some previous year question papers to work out. Solving those questions within the stipulated time would help them to enhance their speed and also improve their writing ability. Analysing the answers helps them to know about their mistakes and the topics on which they have to work more.

Writing ability

Along with knowing the answers to all the questions, the presentation also matters. The marking system has certain marks allotted for the presentation. Hence, rather than writing long paragraphs, students need to write the required points attractively to gain a good score.


Students must prepare a study timetable for examinations. Once the syllabus is complete, they must allocate some time for the revision of each topic. They must make sure to follow the timetable without any distractions and solve some questions before the examination. 

Tips to score high marks

Apart from the study tricks, certain tips are to be followed to score high marks in the examination. 

Time management 

Time is the most valuable thing to be taken care of. It is good to make a study planner and spend more time studying. Students have ample time to study. Managing time must be a daily routine to score high marks in examinations.

Have good food and drink more water  

Intake of healthy food and drinking more water provides high protein and energy which boosts the brain of the students. Drinking more water triggers the working of the brain and improves memory. Good food and more water help the student to focus on their study and make them strong both physically and mentally. 


It is necessary to make meditation a habit. Doing meditation at the beginning may feel useless, but once its benefits are realized, it would become a habitual act. Some students have the problem of focusing on their studies and get distracted easily. The only solution to this problem is doing meditation. It helps to focus on the studies. 

Have a good sleep

Good sleep helps to relax the mind. Students who study throughout the day and are very worried about the exams must take a nap to relax after long hours of study. A nap boosts the memory and makes the students feel fresh. Thus, having a good sleep helps to score high in the examination.

Set a target 

Setting a target to complete on time motivates the students to study better. Students must have an ambition and chase that helps to improve their performance. The performance has to be monitored regularly to score good marks.

Find the weakness

Students must analyse their ability and their strength and weakness over the subject. Some students might find the grammar topics in English subjects difficult and they often ignore it. However, it is not a wise thing to ignore the weakness. They must spend more time on the topics on which they feel weak.

Use complete test time

It is advisable to use the entire test duration to answer the questions. If the student has completed his examination before the time, it is good to check the answers to avoid mistakes. 

Stay away from social media

The most distracting elements are mobile phones and social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. As it would lead to wastage of time, students must avoid using mobile phones during their study time. Staying away from social media prevents distractions and helps to score more.

Teaching others

Teaching others is always a better way to revise your subject. This would make the concept more clear. It would also help others to learn. Teaching others and group studying with others has a good impact on the score of the examination. 

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Studying throughout the day before an exam would not help. Every day, try to spend some time studying. This would reduce your fear regarding the exam and improve your confidence. Follow these steps and score more.

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