Every exam/ Olympiad demands a lot of practice, preparation and hard work irrespective of the class. There is always a right way to do things and one must know the right way. There are always some steps that must be considered to reach a particular target or goal. Class 6 students should be well aware of what they are up to if they decide to go for an Olympiad. They should know the reasons for their choice and it should be more than just for the sake of winning it. Every student must know the below things if they wish to prepare for the Olympiad.

Know the purpose of the olympiad 

Firstly, it is very important for every student to know the purpose of this Olympiad and what they want out of it. They should be clear of the reasons for them to take up such an opportunity. If their purpose is clear then the Olympiad can be a long term achievement for all the students. The students should know that it can be a long commitment and would require many tasks to be accomplished each day and they will have to do maths every day. Visit Here: wpswebnews

Prepare from workbooks

All math Olympiads includes several workbooks, and other academic books with different levels of competency to be done by students. The students would have to solve at least 3 to 4 sample papers and previous years questions papers for practice which they can refer to from Class 6 IMO Question Paper 2015.

Don’t skip the meal

Preparing for exams does not mean skipping over meals, leisure time, outside playing and sleep. This is an opportunity to learn the management of time, which the students can do by including all of these in their daily routine. The question paper is objective for the Olympiads and thus would require thorough mental problem-solving skills and precision by the students. Presence of mind and management along with these would help better during the exam.

Practise previous years question papers

Olympiads may include questions from previous classes and thus the students can refer to the previous class books. However, everything will be from the syllabus mentioned by them. Previous class books can otherwise also help create a base for your present class.

Weightage & Marking scheme

The students must know the weightage of each section and should focus on conceptual learning. Each section must be given importance as per the level the student is on presently. Students should understand and know the marking system. This will help them properly divide their time and investment of effort. The marking system helps them to understand their pattern of answering questions.

Know your strength & weaknesses

The students must know the time they will be given and thereby they should focus on dividing their time on each section as per their strengths and weakness. They can allot less time to areas of strength and more to areas of weakness. However, they should start with areas of strength and then follow with areas of weakness if any. The students should be well aware of the syllabus or else they would remain confused throughout their preparation period.

The students should know that the exams will have OMR sheets for answering and therefore should be well-practised on the same or else they would easily get their marks lost.

Self-study is important

Students need to understand the information and increase their level of self-reliance while practising because the mere practice can make students habitual but understanding and self reaching conclusions can help broader the effect of such examinations. Students even before preparing should know that this can be a difficult exam and can be very competitive and should prepare themselves with a proper mindset to step in the area of taking an exam.

You can take tutions

Students can also take up tuition classes or other help they might need to crack this examination because this will help them deal with various levels of problems and proper guidance can help them structure themselves. The students should be well prepared one day before the exam. They should set their watches and should pack all the necessary pens or pencils for the OMR sheets and should remain calm and take a sound sleep. They can also refer to the notes related to formulas if any which will help them give a quick recap of everything they have studied and practised till now.


Thus overall every student should be aware of their next step and should be consistent with the preparation. They should be well aware of the sites of the Olympiad organization and the websites from which they could buy all the necessary books. They should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and work on the same. Olympiads can be very useful for the future profile of an individual both for the papers and for the visible individuality. It helps students learn what they might have not learnt through the school curriculum and additionally also prepares them for their maths exams at school level in case of IMO. All the above would help them know their stand right now and their status in terms of preparation. They can use all these to begin their preparation and prepare a schedule to achieve their target. Visit The Site: networldking52

Usually, students panic when faced with such big challenges and responsibilities but if they know what they should know about the challenge then they are better off and can manage it more effectively than how otherwise they would have. Along with students, if the parents are also well aware of these steps then they can help their children better manage themselves and keep track of their progress and can also motivate their children during their lows and at times can even be an inspiration for their children. If all of them are done with the parents then the results can be very effective and can also provide a sense of relief to the students with better self-confidence. Thus, all these steps along with hard work are the shortcut to their achievement even in the long term.  Read More About: imnewsking

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