What Are the Different Types of Microwaves?

Microwave ovens are one of the most popular household appliances today. They’re easy to use, they save you money, and they make cooking a cinch. Most people know how to use a microwave. All you need to do is pop some food in the microwave and press the ‘start’ button. Microwave ovens differ in their functions, and they can also be classified according to their design. So, what are the different types of microwave ovens? Keep reading to find out more.

Combination And Convection Microwaves

A combination microwave oven is a type of microwave that has the capacity to cook food in the same way as your oven. These microwaves are great for cooking a meal from start to finish in one appliance, as well as reheating leftovers or beverages such as coffee or tea. This is ideal for people who don’t have much space in their kitchen.

They are similar to convection ovens in that they use both radiant heat and air circulation for cooking food evenly. Unlike convection microwaves, though, combination microwaves don’t have a fan to circulate the hot air and produce blowers for even cooking. Convection microwaves also cook food more evenly than other types because it circulates hot air throughout the oven by means of a fan.

Grill Microwaves

Grill microwaves have a rotating tray for cooking food, usually meat, vegetables, and other foods. This is perfect for people who love grilled food or like to cook their own steak. The rotating tray spins the food around on hot plates to evenly cook it from all sides, just like with a grill. Grill microwaves are great for those who want uncompromised crispy results without having to go outside to BBQ.

Microwave-Only Solo Models

Microwaves with just one function are called solo models. These microwaves only heat up food and beverages, and that’s it. Solo models don’t have any other features, so if you want to cook other types of food, you’ll need to purchase a different type of microwave oven. Microwave-only models are popular because they have a simple design and are cheaper than other microwaves. However, with only one cooking method, this microwave is typically only good for reheating leftovers, popping popcorn, or boiling eggs. They’re the most affordable microwaves on the market, and they typically feature a variety of power settings.

Flatbed Vs. Turntable Microwaves

Every microwave has the option of a flatbed or turntable for cooking food. Flatbed microwaves don’t rotate and are not as popular as turntable microwaves which are better at heating and cooking food more evenly than flatbed microwaves.

Flatbed ovens generally have more space, they’re easier to clean up, and they don’t take up as much counter space in your kitchen. However, they can be a little too big to fit in a small kitchen. Turntable microwaves are better suited for smaller kitchens because they don’t take up as much counter space. But since turntable microwaves use less space, their cooking area is also smaller, which means you might not be able to cook bigger items.

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