What are the Important Concepts of Physics and Chemistry?

While preparing for a definite exam this is so very important that we should understand what the application of the different concepts here is. The one thing that is  most important here is that we should have a prepare list of the subjects that we have to read, so accordingly we can know which all are our weaker subjects and which all are our weaker subjects.

Let us take one subject at a time so that our plan can be more solid. You can also take the help of online study app that provides easy solutions of the concepts of Physics & Chemistry.


  1. Units and measurements: this is pen of the chapter that you should never leave for the very reason that because not only it is easy but this is one of the chapter that will help you to score more as well. The concepts of this chapter is easy because that way you will be able to solve the  numerical and helpful while eliminating options in objective questions.
  2. The unit involving Kinematics and Laws of Motion are one of the chapters that should never be left. The other one here is the concept on the electricity and magnetism part in 12th. The main point here is that we should never level the concepts alone and then tries to solve the numerical as well.
  3. System of Particles and Rotational Motion: This is one of the chapter is being considered as one of the  toughest chapters on 11th and 12th physics combined we will suggest here that you do a revised analysis of the important concepts here so that you will be able to understand the application as well.Read More About:  jiorockers
  4. Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory of gases there will be able to have a better applicability and then we will also be able to understand the concepts for better score.

These are the few of the chapters that that have the points that have been outlined. Other than that we should be able to understand what all are the different chapter. We will also try and outline the different other ways so that we will be able to accommodate the chapters in chemistry 


  1. Structure of atom, Chemical bonding and Molecular structure: these are few of the basic chapters that we should always read because they will be able to have a better understanding as well.
  2. Classification of elements and Periodicity these concepts will help us have a clear understanding of the elements in the periodic table and also the different chemical composition as well.
  3. Thermodynamics, States of matter:  this is one of the concepts that will help us to score more as well…
  4. Hydrocarbons and Organic Chemistry introduction, Equilibrium and Redox Reactions:  these are few of the chapters that are the examiners favorite as well.  We can see that most of the questions here are being formulated based on this chapters only 

See my friend whatever may be the case, I would still suggest that you be through with all the concepts and have a complete understanding because that way you will be able to undertake the complete chapters solve the problems as much as possible so that we will be able to have a complete understanding of the different parameters as well.

Please do not take stress, be assured that if you are good with your preparations, you will definitely do well.

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